NEM Beta 0.6.87

Thanks for the reply.

By update both what do you mean, the new NIC / NCC client and my wallet file?

What if I lose my update wallet file, will I be able to update my old .wlt file again as I have this backed up in many secure places, and I’m currently on the road and wouldn’t be able to back up a new wallet file as securely.


Your wallet file will not be updated.

When you download the latest version of NIC / NCC and extract it you will end up with a folder called ‘package’ containing the server / client software.

Quick question. Can you provide some more detaisl? :wink:
Do you use Windows?
Is the old client still installed?
What exactly do you want to do?

Thanks again for the info.

I used windows, the client is not installed, I unzipped a folder and ran the runmod and I downloaded the block chain. I still have it on my computer, but again I don’t believe I stilled anything.

I just want to manage my wallet, send funds to and from exchanges to take some profit / buy more nem if it dips.

I tried using the nano wallet but I couldn’t get it to load my
Wlt file so I downloaded the NIC / NCC instead and it worked fine.

Thanks again.

I see.

I would suggest that you move from NCC to Nano Wallet as it’s must easier to maintain.

A little how to move from NCC to NanoWallet.
That is the easiest and fastest way to migrate to the new wallet.

One more question have you turned harvesting on?
If so you will have to deactivate it on NCC first and reactivate on the Nano Wallet.

Thank you one more time, you’ve been a great help.

I have had harvesting on some of the time but I believe it is currently switched off.

I’ll take a look at the link and switch to nano.

If you are harvesting via a NIS that is not your own, you can count on it going down any time there is a fork. We just had a fork recently. If you are not in the NIS owners config file, you will not automatically start harvesting again when the node is booted back up after the update.

Hi BR, just updated my supernode vps plan (again) to 2x2000mgh 4Gb ram
Can you say optimal config for it now?
i have
java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -cp (nis)
java -Xms256M -Xmx256M -cp (servant)

If you have 4GB memory the you can give more memory to nis, like 2GB, servant is ok.

ok, thank you. Can i write -Xms2G instead -Xms2048M ?


Regarding my switch to nano wallet, both methods in the guide require using NCC. Is this possible now that the network has forked and I have the previous version of NCC. Will it not just fail to sync?

Again I only have the .wlt wallet file.

Also will I always be able to access my wallet if I have the
Wlt and adb wallet files, even if I upgrade to nanowallet? As these are the ones I have backed up.


To my knowledge, you have to log into NCC and export your wallet using the menu item “Export to Lightwallet”. You can then import the file into Nano Wallet. Your node doesn’t have to be synced for that.
The .wlt and .adb files guarantee access with NCC, Nano wallet will create its own wallet file which you need to backup as well.

Excellent. It sounds like having a back up of each wallet type is the best option.

Thank you for the help BR.

Soon there will be another release of NIS. I would like to say a few words about the name of the downloaded file

It’s great that now the file is checked in the Apostille style. But only in part. Now TxId is written in a separate file. No problem for me. But in order to verify the file, you have to make unnecessary movements. I was somewhat surprised, but maybe I do not understand something )

Would not it be simpler to write the filename immediately in the Apostille standart? i.e. not
but directly
Nis-ncc-0.6.87 - Apostille TX f5ae6efac6b3f2dc109aa0a9e8fd4925a2308291b0e9a7976358c3913dc9e9c5 - Date 2017-04-18.tgz

This would be much easier for the user. And it could be a motivating example for other file producers. Quite often, serious developers spread their files without verification. for example
Having an example of an Apostille verification in one motion, it would be possible to offer such developers a non-cost way to solve the problem for a wide range of users. And thereby to promote the spread of Apostille and hence NEM.

will point @gimre to this post, see what he thinks…