NEM Beta 0.6.95


Happy New Year to everyone

NEM Beta 0.6.95


1) Merged pull request from Alvin:

  • adds some new API Ids to nem.core so you can use those requests programatically.
  • upgrades bouncy castle library version from 1.50 to 1.58.
  • upgrades HttpAsyncClient version from 4.1.1 to 4.1.3.

2) Namespaces / Mosaics:

  • fix various bugs in the NIS Api for retrieving namespaces / mosaics.
  • fix bug that let mosaics disappear if associated root namespace was renewed during the grace period.

3) Spam Filter:

  • separate multisig and non-multisig transaction spam filter, they are now independant of each other.
  • boost fee influence on effective importance. maximum boost of importance is now reached with 10 xem fee, previously was 1000 xem.

4) Block processing:

  • speed up block processing by avoiding unnecessary copying

Due to many new NEM accounts, the memory requirements for NIS are now higher.
We recommend to give at least 2GB heap to NIS. Generally the more heap you give to NIS, the better it is.
Supernode owners should target a vps with at least 4GB and start NIS with params -Xms2800M -Xmx2800M.

NEM requires Java 8
You can download Java from official page:

Standalone version:

NEM Supernode Rewards Program
Building Importance Score

Is there a deadline for supernodes update?


Thanks for the heads-up on the memory requirements. :sunglasses:


Have to discuss with other devs. There will be another release so maybe this will not be mandatory. But it is always a good idea to upgrade a supernode to the most recent version since the release fixes some bug in the api requests.


nem-docker has been updated to that 0.6.95 version.
It doesn’t start NIS with the parameters required for a supernode though. If you use it to run a supernode, be sure to update the file custom-configs/supervisord.conf to set the new -Xms and -Xmx values.
If you don’t have that file yet, you can copy it from custom-configs/supervisord.conf.supernodes and have the correct param values. (You can do the copy too if you originally took a copy of that .supernodesfile and didn’t customise it further.


Thx, rb2.


For as long that more and more people start using the NEM blockchain, Ill be more than happy to upgrade the RAM on the servers!!!


What does mean “boost fee influence on effective importance”?
Does transactions fee influence to importance?


The transaction fee does not influence your importance for harvesting.
This is only about the unconfirmed transactions filter. When the unconfirmed transactions cache reaches a size of 120 transactions, the spam filter starts to reject transactions from accounts that have low importance. To convince the spam filter to not reject a transaction, you can increase the fee for the transaction. The spam filter will then see an effective importance that is higher than the real importance of the account.
an additional 0.1 xem will boost the effective importance by 0.00001 which usually should be enough to get a transaction through the spam filter.

Building Importance Score

The VPS memory increase to 4GB noted. Maybe you should increase it from the 512MB/1GB defaults in the script for future releases.

With a 4GB node do you have any recommended settings for the following config parameters from their defaults?

nis.nodeLimit = 5
nis.unlockedLimit = 4


Will do that in the next release.

  1. leave nis.nodeLimit as is
  2. You can increase nis.unlockedLimit to provide more slots for remote harvesters. I have set it to 100 on my 4GB servers


I want to pass my nem to the official paper wallet of nem. These changes affect the generation of paper wallet? I downloaded the program a couple of weeks ago


I doubt that but i don’t know the nem paper wallet. Maybe someone else can comment.



Which folders and new files need to be copied across to the supernode from:


  • Assuming from NIS folder it’s:
    Not sure about, this also has a date of 2017-12-22

  • Presume console, mon and ncc folder contents don’t need updating?

  • The Libs folder has many .jar files dated 2017-12-22, do these also need to be updated?

Just making sure, as I want to ensure that the update is done correctly.


Please copy all jars and remove old jars first. Some of the thirs party jars have been updated too, e.e. bouncy castle jar.

No need for update for the purpose of a supernode.


Thanks, I guess that means remove all jars within the two directories - Nis and Libs and replace with the ones from the update file.

Where is the old bouncy castle jar located in?


yes. bouncy castle jar is in the folder “libs”


hi there,
I am running standard version of NIS on supernode and I have upgraded server to 4 gb. Should I change to -Xms2800 -Xmx2800M here:

What else should I change? thx


Yes, change it there.
Nothing else needs to be changed.