NEM Beta 0.6.96

Long time no see :vulcan_salute:

NEM Beta 0.6.96


Bug fixes for some well known bug, details #soon

Due to many new NEM accounts, the memory requirements for NIS are now higher.
We recommend to give at least 2GB heap to NIS. Generally the more heap you give to NIS, the better it is.
Supernode owners should target a vps with at least 4GB and start NIS with params -Xms2800M -Xmx2800M.

NEM requires Java 8
You can download Java from official page:

Standalone version:


Thanks for the update.

Thank you!
Waiting for more information about bug :slight_smile:

Hi all!

I watched git, not found updates for this version. Only changed version of modules.

Not all of the code is published on github.

Some parts are still closed source.

@gimre @Quantum_Mechanics @jabo38

Previously, we had done the pre-release verification work of the latest NIS, NanoWallet etc.
Recently, such work requests have not come.

If possible, I would like to do a pre-release test like before.
If you do not mind please let me verify.

Thank you.


whats the cutoff date for this to be implemented?

What changes of 0.6.96 version?

This was only a very small fix that does not affect Nano Wallet. But I understand you, we will let you know about the release in advance next time.

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nem-docker has been updated to this release. For those using the scripts of the master branch of that repo, just do:

git pull

then wait until the chain gets loaded.

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we can just pull from docker hub?
docker pull rb2nem/nis

EDIT: ok, i see it was updated. Thank you