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Hi Everyone,

My name is Kimble and I am the head of NEM Vietnam. The activities conducted here are predominantly grass-root driven with limited budget, besides my own stipend. Some earlier investment were made with 2 main conferences in March & May, the rest have been either funded via bounties or just activities conducted by myself and supporters.

Overall I see some major challenges from my side, that I wish to address. The thoughts maybe a bit harsh, but you can read it more in candidacy file, along with work I have conducted.

As council member, I hope to guide NEM Foundation and the overall NEM Community to greater adoption and deployment of the NEM blockchain protocol into the general ecosystem.

Quick introduction via this video.
Interview by Dem & Tanner (CryptoClass):
NEM Vietnam Medium:

Please ask anything you like, and I will be happy to share and answer as best as possible.

My key areas I want to focus are:

  1. Professionalization of Marketing & Adoption Offerings
  2. Improve Transparency & Communication Methodologies
  3. Create strong support for NEMbers and Ecosystem Members

*I listed my activities and achievements in NEM since I started supporting in January 2018, inside my document.

A Snippet of my Candidate Policy Application. Full Details attached

My policy suggestions:

  1.  Develop proper governance and reporting
  2.  Focus on collaboration internationally
  3.  Professionalize the accounting
  4.  Provide a clear framework for feedback to country leaders / foundation
  5.  Provide clear SLA on responses

What I propose and will push to reality if on the Council

  1.  Formalize a better model to handle NEM Ventures
  2.  Build a task force to professionally and methodologically engage
      a.      Startup’s
      b.      Corporates (Major Accounting Firms, SMEs, etc)
      c.      Governments
  3.  Develop clear and standardized service offerings for our client/NEM projects
  4.  Develop and provide clear KPIs, budgets, and strategy to all localized leaders
  5.  Develop and trained leaders on people management, negotiations, and collaboration
  6.  Develop a proper feedback process for our community to engage
  7.  Develop official and global partnership with establish industry players like consultants, banks, MNCs, and government

My final thoughts, NEM has all the strength of what is needed for this ecosystem. However, poor leadership, intentionally or carelessly, has wasted opportunity to bring us on a truly professional and global scale,

I believe this election is critical to get NEM back on track to be that global Blockchain Provider. We have many effective leaders who are running. If you can support me and them, I am sure we will get to the Moon. And if not, at least we land amongst the stars knowing we failed because we performed poorly and not because we couldn’t get our house in order.

[Kimble Ngo] ELECTIONS Candidate Policy Document [Update 11.16.2018].pdf (140.9 KB)


I love that one ! That’s such an important point.

What are your issues with the current (new) model ?


The only thing I’m missing from you is focus on onboarding developers especially for the ecosstem (libraries and such) but other’s got that covered.

Hope you’ll do well in the vote !

Thank you for the support! Hope you can share with others. In regards to your queries:

  1. Formalize the model. Perhaps a slight mis representation. The model we have is sufficient. The specific details I’d like to formalize are:
    a) Timelines for when Venture Funds is launched
    b) Communication methodology of the projects
    c) Actual process in involving community voting / weight as part of the evaluation criteria
    d) Structuring revenue / fee / equity split for NEM Venture Fund, NEM Foundation, and other NEM activities etc

  2. Onboarding Developers:
    a) We have a model here in Vietnam I’d like to execute with CoderSchool who can provide those trainings and connections to corporates
    b) Yes, I’ve discussed with Jeff to create more libraries, specifically React Library in Vietnam
    c) If we have community desire for more libraries we can allocate and complete in Vietnam or elsewhere, where the price is more reasonable

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You are running for council though, these kinds of things should be happening globaly and there needs to be a global strategy. This of course doesn’t mean regions should be able to leverage partnerships like the one with CoderSchool but I don’t think letting each region handle it is a good idea. Even more importantly, many developers will find nem over the internet. They won’t go to some event or visit a physical space. There needs to be a good way for devs to get started just by using online-ressources.

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NEM Ventures is separate from the foundation. Foundation has no oversight over it.

Agreed that we need a stronger global strategy, online development is one aspect. Which is heavily focused on several forms of marketing

  1. Digital Ads
  2. KOL engagements / reviews
  3. Media mentions / interviews (of NEM itself or projects powered by NEM)
  4. System Integrators and Trainers
  5. Education Systems (Private or public or extra-circular)
  6. Government Mandates
  7. Events & seminars at targetted audience groups and members

Professional Training Associations / Schools
Coderschool is just an example that we can high-light and take notice in. They have been invested by a traditional VC Fund that focuses on Technical Training Education throughout South East Asia.

They provide / create a specialize method to engage certain Dev Population (Experienced Devs, not just newbies) who want to expand their skill-sets.

If Blockchain (and NEM Training) is offered as part of a Dev’s natural professional development planning there can be a larger population of existing IT Professionals / DevOps / Agile / Etc practitioners who will take notice. A stronger community can be driven fwd, and naturally (hopefully) they bring insight from the grassroots level to their organizations.

P.S. Im a fan of global strategy, localized execution :slight_smile:

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Oversight maybe the wrong choice of words perhaps. We can look at governance and accountability. It may not be under the remit of the foundation, but as we will be promoting this avenue of funding for projects, there should be a formal relationship that makes it easier for us to share.

I use to share alot about NCF and have transitioned to NVC, communication is key if this fund is truly to do it’s work well and benefit the overall community.

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Policy Discussions

The 3 areas I want to focus on are:

  1. Professionalization of Marketing & Adoption Offerings
  2. Improve Transparency & Communication Methodologies
  3. Create strong support for NEMbers and Ecosystem Members

More details for Food For Thoughts

  1. Professionalization of Marketing & Adoption Offerings
    All new technologies and format adoption is much more then just about the strength of technology. It is heavily around not Marketing, but the “Relevancy” and “Visbility” of the technology for those it will impact.

The methodology of Marketing/Awareness/Adoption strategy we take can make or break the future of the project. I like to always reference the VHS vs BetaMax (Video Tape Formatting). From the industry BetaMax was the superior technology, but VHS won. A quick quote shows this:

" The video format war is now a highly scrutinized event in business and marketing history, leading to a plethora of market investigations into why Betamax failed. Sony seemed to have misjudged the home video market…What Sony did not take into account was what consumers wanted."

Here I believe our core strengths being “enterprise” adoption should focus on enterprise needs, and methodology of engagements.

We need to reduce the friction of adoption while also giving them the tools to be more creative in their application. The difficulty is we need to ensure we have a consistent ear with the market and create that right forum for them to engage and share their needs (even if they are not 100% clear or ready to articulate it yet)


Good luck mate, your a straight shooter Nem needs folk like you on the council.

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NEM Policy for Global Adoption: Video

I am sharing with you one of the platforms that I am keen to execute. How to get further adoption of NEM into the global economy. Short answer (and more inside the video)

  1. Professionalizing the Marketing
    - Work with Professional Associations
    - Drive training on both Blockchain Use Case, and Technology advantages of blockchain
  2. Focus on ground up training of Developers
    - Better & more Libraries
    - Drive conversation around open source / easy to integrate NEM SAAS
    - Geek out with the Developers

I like the three areas that you will take as a priority, I think that with you, we who are Nembers will find the support that we sometimes need to trust the Foundation. Good Luck @Kimble_Ngo

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Thanks @eddy and @XEMnewbie
Appreciate the support.

If you feel certain things are lacking, do help comment more on my thread. I’ll help it get more visibility and when in the council will create proper voting periods/engagement timings to ensure we get key opinions and views from the community in.

marketing, strategy, development, projects and go to the responses of the members that support Nem, I think the united and strong community can make marketing strategies and alliances in new projects very easy.