Nem Crypto mining


I have to invest in cryptocurrency as it has a huge scope and I want to start nem crypto mining with DigitalOcean hosting server. For that I initially read a lot about What is DigitalOcean and now I have enough knowledge of the hosting server. So, I have my eyes set for the nem cryptocurrency now. So, if any of you have any recommendation for me. So, please go ahead.


Nem no minning. Is PoI. Delegated.


@JaimeClark , lol you chilling Digital Ocean and wanting to improve on their web traffic stats or you serious about this.
Anyways, you have 2 options:
1: setup a supernode, which directly strengthens the nem blockchain network and you are in a way investing in the blockchain and contributing to it as well. Going to need some capital for this one, but you will get returns on this one.

2: Create wallet, vest balance and Harvest : Much less capital required. You need to maintain a vested balance of 10 000 xem. There is no guarantee of returns or the amounts of returns. Also the Higher you POI score the higher the possibility of harvesting.

Best of luck, hope you select option 1.