Nem Family, Please Help a Nem Lifer!

I have been with NEM community since the Utopianfuture on bitcointalk first announced the project. I received my nemcoin for posting on social media. Here is the original link About 1 year ago, on March 31st I opened up an account on twitter @xemcoin and have been promoting NEM project almost daily. In June 2016 @jabo38 offered me to help out with the @nemofficial and I have worked for 6 months with @jabo38 to promote XEM on social media including Facebook and Twitter. I made my account multisig in August of 2016 without truly understanding the tragedy it could cause me in the future. I did not save my private keys for each of the 4 multisig accounts that I had!!! In December 2016 my mac hard-drive crashed and I lost all my files. I have attempted to recover the files for the past 4 month using numerous software recovery programs, however I have failed. I had a discussion about this issue with @jabo38 and some of the other leaders in the community and we decided to reach out to the whole community and give you guys a chance to give feedback on what could happen with my account. Notably, I have private key for my original account and 2/4 co-signatory accounts, however I’m missing 1 more to be able to access my account. At this point, leaving this account alone and un-usable would not only be a waste of my funds, but it would also be a waste of the funds that can be used to promote NEM.

To prove the account is truly mine I still have the Token sent by patmast3r on bitcointalk, I have the private key to my original account and private keys to 2 other multisig accounts, however not the third one that I need to send funds. I’m also willing to disclose any information about my account which would be appropriate to solve this issue.

One of the solutions would be for developers to revert my account to its prior state, the way it was prior to when I made it multisig. This would not hurt the community in any way and it would return the funds to someone that has been committed to our community since the origin of the project. Please tell me your thoughts and please check out my hard work over the years on @xemcoin and @nemofficial on Twitter. Thanks for your time.

Please post
1 - if you support me
2 - if you are against me
3 - offer an additional suggestion

1 i support you

help this dude out. he has been loyal and deserves the help

2 or 3

I am grateful for your activity.
We are very grateful.

But this case is difficult. (like a TheDAO.)
If we accept it even once, accepted, other people will say the same thing.

If you want to do that, We need strict guidelines.
Do not allow exceptions.


Due to the loss of your private key, I do not know the amount you can not withdraw money, so can you give me the address of NEM?

Sorry to hear this and I feel your pain, but its your responsibility to take care of your funds so i do not support this.
Its like dropping your wedding ring in the water and asking everyone to jump off the boat to search for your ring.


I am sorry to hear that, but it’s your responsibility to take care of your keys. I would support a new address where everybody can donate to and also a donation out of the official community funds to compensate your loss and show some support for your work.

If i understand the plan correctly, this is the worst case scenario that could happen, how can one even think about it? Chain manipulation will break all trust in the platform and WILL hurt the community imo!


I feel your pain.
Perhaps you could better call for a donation in exchange for continued support for the project from your side. It won’t be possible, not even discussable to “revert” anything in order to retrieve lost private keys or similar.
NEM has a one fund, the so-called “unconventional marketing fund” and perhaps you could apply for “support” from there. Again, I think that supporting NEM now actively would enhance chances to get a bounty payment considering your past help and your unfortunate situation.

This is just my opinion.


What amount are we talking about?
Can you share the address?

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Sorry for your loss & feel your pain, and am sure you’re not the only one who has made a crypto mistake.

But if asking to manipulate the blockchain this opens up a can of worms and is a slippery slope. This should not be done even for developers and can hurt the community as a whole and damage the integrity of NEM.

Asking for the community to donate or requesting funds from the community fund for your work to be voted on is a better option


I feel like it should not be to difficult to allow him to access what was already his. Similar to getting a password reset when you lose it

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It has been supernode for the longest time except for the last few month. Total of 4.5 million xem lost :frowning:

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I guess Im curious exactly how this would be done from the devs point of view?

After discussing this with @jabo38, it sounds like during one of the hardforks when other things are implemented to nem project, all that the developers would have to do is delete one of the multisig accounts, thus i would have access to 2/3. This is possible to do and in my opinion wouldn’t effect the project’s integrity much.
It would be nice to come up with a solution we can implement for the future when this happens to other members, without people loosing large amounts of xem. Easy solution is to say no, however its likely to become a problem in the future for others. If we can decide how to deal with this as a community now, we will not have to address it later.
Please let me know if you have any other suggestions

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I feel your pain. I lost a small amount of XEM when a hard drive corrupted and I hadn’t made proper provision. Looking far into the future it’s going to be an issue for all cryptos as private keys are lost due to various factors. However, the onus rests with the owner of the coins to ensure they can be recovered. It’s the nature of the beast. When I talk to friends about crypto its one of the things that puts them off getting any - they can’t trust themselves.

1/3 of all NEM is held in community wallets protected by multisig accounts, scary that any one who is affiliated with or supports NEM platform would consider this to be an acceptable solution.

My first reaction was “No”, comments like this, OP placing the individual (himself) over the whole, turned it to “Hell No”.

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I agree if community thinks that one of my multisig accounts will compromise the project than it should be a hell no! As stated above I think it’s common issue in crypto and I was hoping we would come up with a better solution than basically freezing those funds. But If the community says a hard no, I don’t think my personal wants or wishes really matter.

Seems half current wallet balance was originally staked to Bitcointalk user cw135308, a one post sock puppet account promoting NEM on twitter,;u=226255;sa=showPosts

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That’s correct! Like I said I’m willing to disclose anything and everything about this account, half the coin belong to my best friend, he was the first one to post on this threat after I started the threat, he is obviously biased and so am I. This we are reaching out to community for help and consensus.

Sorry, but that’s not going to happen, the whole point of multisig was to protect funds, and among them community funds.
If we’d ever even think of such thing, we’d lost everything: TRUST, CREDIBILITY and most importantly USERS.