NEM Foundation Update - November 2019


Hi community, November has been a busy month with some big movements, especially in the area of the Migration Committee. Please see below for the continued progress on Catapult, the latest Migration update, and what the teams have been up to all around the world.


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  • The Catapult Migration Update #3 - 3.3. Take a look at what the Migration Committee’s been up to recently and the progress made since the last update. Click here.

  • Catapult Migration Update #4 - The latest update from the Migration Committee is available here.

  • Migration Committee Community Update #5 here.

Tech Team Updates

The latest update from the Foundation’s Technical Team is out and ready to read. Please find all the updates here.

Global Team Updates

Japanese Community Manager

Minoru Orui (Mikun)

Orui-san, (known as Mikun) - has joined the Foundation as the NEM Japan Community Manager working alongside Techemy Advisory. Mikun has been a longtime supporter of NEM and the NEM Japan Community who has assisted in community projects. We warmly welcome Mikun to the Foundation and reiterate our commitment to the Japanese Community.

Job Opportunities

We have opportunities to join the NEM Foundation team. The jobs can be found on our website link, or reach out to for more information.

Japan Community Update

  • Opening Line and Kindai University

昼⾷時に混雑するCNN Café

  • Opening Line recently held a teaching activity with Kindai University. One of the projects was to solve on-campus cafe congestion. The students built a payment settlement service with NEM (Catapult) blockchain technology.

Please read more at the links below (in Japanese): here.

CryptoWatch Impress here.

Itmedia here.

  • F-1000 exhibition by Nembear

The final piece of art was completed with 1000 transactions and tipping of NEM (XEM), “1000 pieces of F” exhibition was held on Oct 27th-29th in Shinjuku. Read more.

<nemlog by nembear>

  • BlockChainJam2019 at The University of Tokyo on Nov 17th
    • NEM Japan Kevin Newman gave a lecture on “NEM Japan and the NEM ecosystem: Japan can become a global leader in enterprise blockchain at NEM”. Read the presentation here.


  • Explanation of NEM Catapult by Daoka (Opening Line). Approaching the next generation NEM core engine “Catapult” ]. Read the presentation here.


  • Advent Calendar 2019
    Japanese NEM community engineers will submit articles each day. Please check the schedule from here.

  • Nemgraph winter photo contest has begun and submission ends on Jan 10th, 2020. Read more.

Business Development Updates


  • Industry Visit — Our Business Development Director, Leroy Mah and Business Development Manager, Jesyka Hiu recently hosted one of the most established professional training schools in Japan, Aso College Group in NEM Blockchain Centre. They were on a mission, sent by the Japanese Ministry, to explore and understand Malaysian higher education scene, especially on blockchain education. We shared our journey in building a highly accessible, trustworthy local blockchain ecosystem and the progress thus far during the sharing session.

  • Closed Door Speaking Invitation — Our Business Development Director, Leroy Mah was invited to be the only guest speaker in Multimedia University (MMU) session with management level government officials to understand blockchain technology.

  • Upcoming Events — Our Business Development Director, Leroy Mah will be speaking at The Star SME Thought Leadership 2019 on 21st November (Thursday), co-organize by the Malaysian largest English news publisher, Star Media Group and the indigenous ASEAN investment bank, CIMB. This event is the latest initiative to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) capitalise on various tools in order to thrive and remain competitive through a series of inspirational talks, broad panel discussions and intimate networking sessions by successful key figures who have made their mark in their industries. More information here.


  • TokenNews Conference — NEM Business Development / Strategic Alliance and Partnership Director, Mr. Richard Tiu attended the TokenNews Conference on November 10. The event is one of the largest annual gatherings for the blockchain industry in the Philippines. The event focused more on how decentralized technologies are re-shaping the future of finance, trading and gaming. The event also featured a tribute to the local community.

  • Techtonic Summit: “Festival of Innovation" — NEM Business Development Manager, Julius Fresco, attended the 2-day 2019 Techtonic Summit: “Festival of Innovation" last November 15 and 16. Launchgarage Innovation Hub is one of the organizers in the event, headed by Mr. Jay Fajardo, which is also the CEO of Gameworks, a gaming platform in the Philippines that is using the NEM Blockchain. Also, two exhibitors from the event are Unionbank and JlabsPh, which both underwent trainings on the NEM Platform as well. One of the topics in the startup stage is the Financial Applications of Blockchain technology.

  • PH Start-Up week QC Tech Day 2019 — NEM Business Development Manager, Julius Fresco, attended the PH Start-Up week QC Tech Day 2019: Taking the Startup Community Above and Beyond last November 18, 2019. The event was organized by Launchgarage Innovation Hub, headed by Mr. Jay Fajardo, which is also the CEO of Gameworks, a gaming platform in the Philippines that is using the NEM Blockchain.


  • Columbia

Council Member Pedro Gutierrez attended The International Conference on Advanced Engineering - Theory and Applications that was held from 6 - 8 November 2019 in Colombia. The conference was organized by CUN Corporación Unificada Nacional de Educación Superior, co-organized by Ton Duc Thang University, Vysoká škola báňská - Technická univerzita Ostrava and 부경대학교 for the purpose of offering a special opportunity for scientists, researchers, university engineers, institutions, and manufactures to meet together and exchange experiences, disseminate scientific achievements, and advanced technologies of Electrical, Electronic-Telecommunication, Computer Science and Mechanical-Mechatronics engineering.

He was in charge of the conference about Blockchain Technology, where he spoke about the history and evolution and had the opportunity to explain the most powerful features of Catapult

  • Mexico

In the last month we negotiated both XEM and Catapult listing on (Mexican exchange associated with debit cards and that will also include XEM/MXN pairing).

Technical documentation was already sent and we are waiting for a response from them to know the exact listing date.

Business advice was given to “Tu tanda de vivienda” A new real estate project that will be based on NEM. There we gave an interview to blockchain outlets: DiarioBitcojn .

Two new alliances were signed: Tecnológico de Monterrey (biggest private university in Mexico), this alliance is about the incorporation of NEM’s blockchain to their Center of Innovation so that the alumni and projects can learn and adopt blockchain according to their needs. Also with Startup Mexico, an organization dedicated to promote and assess entrepreneurship in Mexico. The main objective of this partnership is to educate and promote blockchain (NEM) knowledge amongst business owners and connect their solution to corporates in need of this technology and open solutions.

Finally, a meeting was held between MouseBelt and NEM in Mexico in order to set up an academic alliance for Mexican entrepreneurs and students and also connect projects wanting to implement blockchain with their technical assistance along with their organization.


  • Council member Anton Bosenko visited the National Law University in Ukraine to lecture future lawyers on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Please read more here.


  • Digital CFO Conference- Perth — Lei Dong, CFO for Foundation, presented at the Digital CFO Conference together with Jason Lee, Vice President. The conference was represented by over 50 Chief Financial Officers and financial professionals across Australia from key industry sectors of the economy. Both of them were the only presenters representing the blockchain industry with other featured speakers in data analytics, automation, artificial intelligence and more.

  • Blockchain 2020 — Foundation was pleased to support the Blockchain2020 event which brought together community, industry and regulators to discuss the future of Blockchain in Australia and beyond. The event was designed to inspire movement in Australia to adopt Blockchain Technology and to push Blockchain to the forefront of Technology Projects.

Karen Cohen, Head of HR & Operations, Introduction of NEM Afternoon Tea at Blockchain 2020

Blockchain Australia Board Members

Dr. Prash, CEO of Caleb and Brown and Karen Cohen, Head of HR & Operations of Foundation

  • Femmetech event with Karen Cohen, Head of HR — Karen presented to a room full of 150 women in tech in Sydney about “Bits and Blocks and the future of work.”

The Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation announced their Advisory Board which includes Jason Lee, Foundation’s Vice President. The Advisory Board comprises of other professionals from Accenture Australia, R3 Corda and other reputable organizations.

Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation’s aim is to promote ‘Blockchain for Good’ and in advancing philanthropy using Innovative Technology.

Get to Know the Foundation Series

Get to know the faces of the NEM Foundation leadership team in our ‘Meet the Team’ series. Each week we highlight a new team member that shares about their background and what they’re currently working on. So far the following profiles have been published with more to come so stay tuned!

NEM Service Provider Portal Update

Give a call for potential SP to register to and get information about future projects first

Latest Partnership Updates

  • LuxTag officially launches Papyrus, an asset-tagging platform which enables users to independently create digital certificates of their valuable items and products on the blockchain.

Learn more about Papyrus: here

Watch their promo video: here

Partner Highlight Series

  • ​​​​The FIX Network can utilize and leverage the existing cellular infrastructure for blockchain security. They achieve this by utilizing a new blockchain-based security protocol. NEM is proud to be a collaborative partner of this wonderful project.

  • ​​​​CopyrightBank is a copyright registration and verification platform for digital works, powered by the #NEM Blockchain platform. Verification is as easy as uploading the digital work together with the Certificate of Registration. Click here to learn more!

  • ​​​​This one is a modern classic game. Play Pacman like never before! This game store Game Credits and High Scores on the blockchain. Click here to start playing.

  • ​​PAL Network empowers its partners to cross-sell relevant B2C and B2B insurance products at the point-of-demand, thereby bridging the gap between financial products and customers. NEM-based projects will be able to purchase insurance with PAL tokens! Click :point_right: here to know more about PAL Network.

  • ​​​​RHOVIT is an entertainment platform that lets users earn money to purchase content and allows providers to keep 100% of their profit plus earn tokens to promote themselves. It utilizes the great blockchain technology that #NEM has built to make RHOVIT a top destination for content providers. Learn more here and visit their website here.

Verified Exchange Series

  • ​​CREX24 provides a convenient platform that is simple and straightforward for both experienced traders and beginners. Open an account with CREX24 and get your $XEM today! Click here to start.

  • ​​After years of experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency, Cryptowolf was released to flip the tables once and for all in the way exchange takes place. Making $XEM and other cyrptocurrency available. Click here and get yours now!

  • ​​​​Exrates aims to make trading accessible for everyone and provide all the tools needed. Click here to buy $XEM, BTC and 200 more cryptocurrency and start trading now with Exrates!

  • ​​​​Godex is an international platform for fast, anonymous cryptocurrency exchange, with a low transaction fee. It will help you to exchange your $XEM, BTC, XRP along with other cryptocurrencies on-the-fly! Click here to get started!

  • ​​HitBTC is the most reliable, fast and powerful platform solution on the market, created by outstanding technical minds, high-level finance professionals and experienced traders. Click here to get your $XEM now and get started.

  • ​​Huobi Global (HBG) is an online digital asset trading platform providing real time price quotation, charting, and trading services for over 200 digital tokens! Click here to get started!

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