Nem Hoodie and Shirts


Hi, I’ve been thinking about some Nem hoodies for myself for a long time and interested community members.

I will gradually upload different designs here. All images are linked to Nem or its ecosystem. I point out that this is not an official Nem Merch.

It would be nice if you give me feedback.

Thank you


I love your ideas
good job !!

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Wow, so where can we get? I’ve bought BTC hoodie last time in London, so I like the idea! Good luck!

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They will be available when the final selection is made. I want to pre-print about 4-5 models for myself. If the results are good, I like to sell you some against XEM.


The last 2 are my favorites :+1::v:

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I like the last two as well, really creative designs!

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Yellow is a good one, very creatively. I hope you will inform us about your results:)

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Sure, I just had a break, but in the next 2 days I will publish 2 more models and go to the test print.


a new one:

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Yeah !! T-shirt is prefect

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How about a zipper hoodie? A pull over is sometimes impractical. Also, a v-neck shirt for the ladies, as the round neck is too high and restricting. Keep going and being creative!


Wow, the Nem community is so united. The above option with the dolphins is just cute.

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This white hoodie is great, I like it the most. Keep going!


Hi Jan, thank you very much. I think, at the moment a break is appropriate, it was spoken of a possible rebrand. Since I’m not sure how far and when that takes place I will not continue. As soon as I know how it goes on, I continue to work on it.

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So, is the name Nem somehow related to Nemo? :thinking:


No it is not related to Nemo


To me, this hoody is the best one. I like the combination of color and design.
So, you have a break now, right?


thank you ! yes, only till somebody is telling me if and how the rebrand will be.


I like the purple one. Good job)