NEM on Binance what do you think

what do you think?

worth it…it seems they make you pay in BNB to vote…\

so their is an entrance fee

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Hi Guys this is from some people on the Telegram chat channel.
You can follow the steps below to vote!
Its a bit late as voting ends on Nov 5th 0600 EST or 0300 PST.
Hope we can get some votes in the short time we have.

Basically what you do is start an account at Binance which is easy, just an email confirmation and a captcha.
Then when you have an account log in and get your BNB receive address.
Post it into the form and you will have 1 BNB sent to your account to vote.

You can use either your telegram ID or your forum ID in the form.

------------------------------ Forward from Telegram Channel-------
If you want NEM to be listed on its first Chinese exchange please help us win this vote
All you need to do is register at binance, and tell us your BNB deposit address. We will then send you 0.1 BNB to your account which you then have to use to cast a vote. Please fill out this form so we can keep it managable: