NEM Project „Market Assault“ Funding Proposal


NEM Project Market Assault Funding Proposal

It has been proposed by Lon Wong in Nemberia to launch Project Market Assault. The project is targeted at taking NEM to the next level playing field as a leader in the blockchain space. It aims to give better exposure of NEM and its ecosystem to mainstream businesses. At the same time, NEM hopes to bring in more developers into its fold. Finally, with proper execution, we are able to generate more public interests and bring value to investors. The requested sum is 15 million XEM. It is proposed that this sum is to be managed by the NEM Foundation to go to market.

Accordingly, this fund will be used to hire a world class brand marketing / PR company for our entire ecosystem so that we can increase our market exposure, improve adoption, improve our market position and get ahead of the competition.

The reason for this initiative:

In the past, with limited funding, NEM did very well by focusing mainly on the product instead of marketing. It was the best option we had. It allowed us to develop one of the best blockchains in the entire space and is one of the few, if not the only enterprise ready blockchain to date. It made us a top-tier blockchain without much marketing put in place.

But the competition isn‘t sleeping. Right now it‘s a race of who can get the best companies and developers on board, and our competition is ahead for now in that regard. As we have a superior blockchain technology, an aggressive marketing push can change that quite drastically. Some of the better and well marketed blockchain technology are faltering and having scalability issues. Increasingly companies and developers are turning away from these projects as they begin to realise that these technologies are experimental and not of production quality.

There is a vacuum in the market space and we believe it is timely that we should seize this opportunity to forge ahead before it‘s too late and before other projects may fill that spot. Market dynamics and position are important things to consider because this is a fluid and slippery business and we should change when the need arises.

We all know that if we want NEM to be the market leader, our marketing and branding has to be improved. But if we are going to do that, it can‘t be half baked. It has to be professionally done at a world-class level. We need to stand out from the pack. Of course that won‘t come cheap but thanks to the recent influx of money in the entire crypto market and our improved market position, we are well funded and are in a good position to solidify and improve our lead. But executing something like this will also take a lot of strategizing, planning, researching and business re-invention. It will probably take months for a good plan to be put in place.

The time to act is therefore important to be now.

What exactly is the plan?

  • Obtain a mandate from the community to take 15 million xem for this initiative
  • Hire a top brand marketing company to help us plan a new marketing strategy and execute this strategy.

We can not provide you with any plans now, because that is what this exercise is for, i.e., to hire someone who will assume the responsibility to come out with a roadmap and action plan. In looking at how this is going to be done, and how the planning can be lengthy, a mandate is sought so that we can go out to market in the shortest possible time. Going through the due process of involving everyone can be good, but in the interest of time this is quite impossible to do.

Time is of essence in this industry. A vote is proposed to be put in place so that we can proceed or not immediately.

Voting will be postponed until the voting module is released for mainnet, which should be very soon. Further details will follow once we know when exactly it will be released.

Instructions for the NanoWallet Voting Center:
Please make sure that you have the newest version of the Nanowallet version XX, which is the first release to exclusively include the voting module on Mainnet.

Link to newest Nanowallet version: (To be announced)

The vote will be counted in the weighted POI of your account.

  • Start the Nanowallet and login to your account.

  • Click on Services and start the Voting module.

  • Watch out for the vote: “Is the NEM Community in support of the Project Market Assault Funding Proposal?”


I don’t know where or when we can vote but I fully support this initiative. You can definitely count on my vote.


i will support this proposal as soon as we can vote


I will also vote YES


Gotta vote yes as long as we really get a top class ‘brand marketing company’ on board. :sunglasses:


I am fully supporting this initiative, we need good marketing for NEM, will vote yes!


Finally! The best thing Nem can do right now, imho.


Yes! 100%




I think, all nembers were waiting for this!!
Go for it… YES!! :slight_smile:


Are there some Marketing companies you already have in mind, which could fullfill the requirements?


I would wait for Catapult first.


Not sure what my vote is worth but you guys have my full support on this one!


In normal circumstances. waiting for catapult would be a good idea… but right now the crypto space need a saver and that is NEM. so yes it’s time for an agressive marketing.

only one question which it has already been asked. the term “a leading marketing company” might need some more elaboration.

do you have examples or a list at your hands right now?


Will vote YES ofcourse :wink:

And I’m sure Catapult will be out before the marketing will be running. Planning will take a while.


I agree with you.




They are still in the process of scouting for potential marketing companies.


I fully endorse this initiative. I will vote YES !!


Does it really need a voting about this? Just go ahead and find a good marketing companies.