NEM Project „Market Assault“ Funding Proposal


I have repeatedly seen mention NEM can be used to apply blockchain to medical data. it so happens I work with medical data and we do have a trade association in the US called AHIMA. (American Health Information management Association)…I would be willing to try and get someone from NEM in touch with them to talk.

At the very least you’ll probably get a write-up in our journal.


My advice: Be sure that there are clear actions on any deliverable you request from Marketing agencies. To many just write up a marketing plan and a few graphic mock-ups and leave you to it. What is needed is an agency that will complete the tasks that are outlined in a marketing plan. If they just develop a plan but no support on how to complete that plan, it will have 0 impact on the project.


And the marketing team should have blockchain experience of course.


Vote: YES


I vote YES!!!

Please nake sure the marketing team knows more than a few things about Crypto.

Lots of people are saying “wait for Catapult” however i think get more eyes on the project BEFORE its release will generate a lot more buzz when it does get released.*

Some other coins have good communication with investors through Reddit. A good,active Reddit sub generates new investors and promotes transparency and trust.


Yea, Yes and Yes.


Where is the 15million coming from. I presume the marketing fund? And as we are on the subject , did not our "old marketing team receive a huge payout not so long ago.(Are they now retired). What are our current marketing team doing if not what is in your proposal?
btw i am all for the idea of marketing but it looks like the current and old marketers are getting nem for noting.


i think this proposal would be to hire a professional and experienced marketing and PR firm. not to employ the old marketing team.


Previous marketing was done in house. If we would have hired an outside marketing team previously, we would have to spend the entire marketing budget if not more just on the marketing firm.

Again, I don’t think you read the proposal. And the old marketers (who are still involved in NEM), certainly didn’t get xem for doing nothing.


Its definitely a BIG YES from my end.

NEM has got everything to go for a mass adoption globally and great advantages over other competitors( one such best advantage- only blockchain to have On-Chain Sig). Just a push through marketing is the only factor that required currently & we community members & investors are very happy at your initiative at right time.

Wish Lon & the team a great success with marketing venture as well with their Catapult release.


Not sure how to vote on this but I think making NEM more visible to the market has now been long overdue. New projects and coins are being released daily and if NEM stagnates, it might fall behind in no time. I am absolutely behind better marketing and exposure.


Definitely the right direction.

But I would avoid top tier agency and go for a hungry bulge bracket or boutique agency that is prepared to put the effort into understanding what is actually a complex task. In my experience this is not big enough to maintain the focus of the bigger agencies so they will just gobble up the fees and then use their tried and tested playbook that might not be the most effective.

Also I would suggest a larger budget, because 15MM XEM will probably not be a big enough buy.


Vote, the best idea for the year! YES!


This is not the right thread for this. Please contact someone from the NEM team in the US. Try @solix78 on telegram.


Yea, Yes and Yes.


I will vote: yes.
Salespersons around the world speaks and understand
the ‘marketing language’, so the need for someone talk to them.
Only care should be needed to choose the right
world class marketing / PR company.
As there are many crypto, there are many marketing companies.
Do you already have the names of these companies to choose for?


In general give a big +1 for more marketing and communication efforts. Given state of the ecosystem and NEM itself will give my 2 cents:

  • In general would say the proposed amount is probably a good starting point if looking at NEM promotion/growth on a global level, propose more/extensions after seeing how a “phase 1” would go.

  • As @PSA mentioned, would avoid engaging a “top tier” agency. As hyped as blockchain space is, no traditional firms will really know what to do with a blockchain project in its portfolio, they know automotive, CPG, etc. Think down the road given strength/focus in Insurance/financials for large marketing firms, once there are some REAL traction in commercial blockchain deployments in those sectors you will see them step up their game as their long standing clients will be more communicating their usage of blockchain tech and related benefits.

  • Instead of looking at this like a pure marketing/communications spend project, NEM Foundation, and community in general, should really be looking at marcom through the lens of a top tier commercial open source project, something on the bleeding edge of mass enterprise adoption, yet LOTS of traction in developer space. Think of projects like docker, how redhat pushes their wares, and pretty much anything that comes out of the Linux Foundation that has a commercial company backing it. Its as much or more about documentation, community outreach(think webinars, reddit AMA’s, etc), global “meetup network” and promotion & enablement…, conference talks and sponsorship, etc. All of the things that will really drive momentum for the project and community have little to do with “traditional marketing”, yet will require time and money resources all the same. From an example standpoint for the blockchain space, think IBM is probably doing best job in a traditional promotion/PR sense of hyping their blockchain projects around the globe on varying industry and tech sites getting coverage.

  • I think traditional marcom/PR will be great to always have more of, but looking at “get some money together, hire a firm, and they will figure it out” will mainly work only if they have existing experience and projects in the commercial open source space.

Just a couple pts of view, back to original thought of +1 to proposal for funds for increased marketing and outreach


i just have a few points that i think the community should consider before voting.

The foundation was initially set up to promote the development of nem, awareness of nem and help build out the ecosystem. It was also heavily funded from core funds, such as the marketing fund, to do just that. Is it really appropriate for the foundation to apply for funding given it has already been mandated and funded by core to do exactly this as well as other things?

Further, the guidelines of the DAO application process clearly state that milestones need to be laid out prior to a public vote:

Each applicant shall specify milestones of the project and prove the completion of each of milestone before any disbursement of funds can be made. Included in the milestone is the expected amount of XEM required. Generally, the entire award amount will not be given at once, but at pre-determined (by the core team) milestones.

Allowing an application that cannot/does not have the ability or means to do this is technically in breach of the DAO guidelines. Is it ok to give a project a pass on rules that have been strictly enforced for passed projects, for any reason, even if it is the foundation making the application? The rules of the DAO application process were put in place the way they were, with much thought, for a reason and it should not be ok to be in breach of these rules under any circumstances. If a project cannot or will not conform to these rules, the application should be disallowed by the parties that review applications before publicly announcing.

Allowing a breach of the rules sets a precedent for future breaches, and because it is a body of authority in nem making the proposal, is it then discrimination should a non-core related company/project get rejected based on this rule? This would be setting a bad precedent for what is acceptable and what is not.

Lastly, if the vote fails, will the foundation proceed with the marketing drive with its own money anyway?

I think these questions need to be considered strongly by anyone who intends to vote on this proposal. It is up to the community to decide this matter.

I am most definitely in favor of a marketing drive of this scale, but i’m not sure it is wise to do it in this manner.




Yes. It’s about time.

But I also think there should be a place where ideas can be fired out by the community and cherry picked. There’s a lot of good brains out there.

And young and hungry agencies will be more agile and deliver more value than old school dinosaurs.