NEM Project „Market Assault“ Funding Proposal


yes I agree with the above post, where are the milestones agreed upon before the vote?


Voting will be postponed until the voting module is released for mainnet, which should be very soon. Further details will follow once we know when exactly it will be released.

Instructions for the NanoWallet Voting Center:
Please make sure that you have the newest version of the Nanowallet version XX, which is the first release to exclusively include the voting module on Mainnet.

Link to newest Nanowallet version: (To be announced)

The vote will be counted in the weighted POI of your account.

  • Start the Nanowallet and login to your account.

  • Click on Services and start the Voting module.

  • Watch out for the vote: “Is the NEM Community in support of the Project Market Assault Funding Proposal?”


There are no milestones. See last paragraph.

We can not provide you with any plans now, because that is what this exercise is for, i.e., to hire someone who will assume the responsibility to come out with a roadmap and action plan. In looking at how this is going to be done, and how the planning can be lengthy, a mandate is sought so that we can go out to market in the shortest possible time. Going through the due process of involving everyone can be good, but in the interest of time this is quite impossible to do.


yes :slight_smile:


Here are my 2 cents:

Disclaimer: I won’t be directly involved with this initiative, but I helped writing the proposal and overseeing the voting process. I’m just a member of the community helping to get the ball rolling.

I do agree that those rules that were put in place are important and should be upheld for projects applications. But I also think that those rules were mainly put in place for outside projects applying for funding and weren’t designed for urgent matters like this, which will be executed by the foundation, which everyone trusts.

The problem with this initiative is that it would be impossible to fulfill the rules because you first have hire a company in order to present a plan with milestones.

Another thing to consider is that appearently everyone in the community wants a marketing initiative like this and the feedback has been 100% positive so far. It’s the main criticism NEM is getting and since now is the right time to do so, I think the community should and probably will make an exception to those rules.

You just have to ask yourself what is in the best interest for NEM. Bend the rules a little and act in a time of urgency if most agree that it’s the right thing to do, or stick to the rules, wait another half year before milestones can be put into place everyone agrees on, then have lengthy discussions about it. Business just doesn’t work like that.

As for the precedent, I don’t think it will set a bad precedent. It would actually show that the community (when acting in unity) is able to overrule those rules and act in a time of urgency for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.


This is all based on the assumption that if the vote fails, the foundation wont go ahead with the same plan anyway - which i have no doubt they will if it does happen to fail. it essentially comes down to who pays for it and imo its wrong to use the community fund to pay for it. its also needlessly breaking multiple rules so that the community fund pays for it instead of coming out of the foundation funding. saying that voting no would cause a 6 month delay is highly misleading because that is certainly not the case.


As this is marketing, why isn’t the marketing fund being used?


There are still milestone that can be put forward.

By when is it planned to have found a few prospects of companies ?
When are you plannig to have that company under contract ?
When do you expect to have the first parts of the plan firgured out ?
When do you roughly expect for the first efforts to start ?

I understand that there is no way to know those for sure and some are going to be ongoing processes but that’s the nature of milestones. No one is ever sure of them. They can still be put forward as a plan. Because if those things are currently not planed then what’s going on ? Is the foundation just gonna wing it ? I get that the plan is asap, but that’s not a plan and it’s hard to support something if it seems rushed even though the urgency is wholly understood.
I’m all for this innitiative but the foundation is not above the rules especially when it’s so easy to follow them since they’re the very body that usually enforces the rules. Most of the rules they already adhere to by default (e.g. they’re names are known and they clearly have skin in the game). Just show us something resembling the notion of a plan and we’ll be fine I think.

I have no idea what kind of funding the foundation has actually gotten out of the funds so I can’t speak to whether or not requesting this is apropriate or not.


In view of the moot point being in contravention to the requirements, I think we should drop this idea totally.


I think you could still have the vote. Up to the people if they care about the rules or not. Honestly I’d probably still vote for it because I think it’s important but that sentiment needed to be expressed.


There should be no “bending” of rules. Drop the vote.


Or just put out some milestones. There are no other rules being bent are there ?




Did you just talk yourself into Voting Yes


I will Vote NO plan should be more aggresive. EOS has to be beaten before the get to market. I believe they will be a great ETH Killer and they will execute well they have STEEM and BTS under the belt to draw from


I would highly recommend not looking to work with a “world class brand marketing” firm. It’s a competitive space and top agency holding companies like Omnicom(OMD, PHD), WPP & Group M(Maxus, MEC, Mindshare) IPG(Universal McCann), are NOT going to service this project in the way that it needs.

  1. they have bigger clients with bigger budgets and don’t accept any brand/company as a client so we’ll waste time trying to engage these agencies
  2. if we do get lucky and land one of these agencies, we will be assigned a small team of media buyers that are aged 21 - 27 who have no idea how to buy media effectively. they buy based on what they know not on what they should
  3. our retainer fees alone will be a huge portion of the budget for a “world class” marketing company creating inefficiencies

we need to be nimble, we need to focus on content first and foremost and work with a team that is intimately involved in the crypto community. I have an agency and partner in mind and would love to present my ideas to Lon and other community leaders. Just let me know how to make that happen.


Good points @jmark I concur. Time to go into my wallet and vote!


Any updates when the voting module will go online?


Module is online. Not sure when voting will take place for this project. It will be soon though.


I’m not seeing it under the services tab. Am I missing something?