NEM Project „Market Assault“ Funding Proposal


Yes, the latest nano wallet… 1.4.3


Got it, i’m in. Thanks


I’m really sorry guys, would have loved to see the vote happen, but it won’t come to a vote since this proposal was withdrawn by Lon because of conflicting rules.

I don’t have any further information about the future of this initiative, but I hope the foundation either funds it themselves, or it comes back in a revised form.


I’ve only used the NCC wallet, and still run my supernode from there.

Is there a way to vote on Nano, without disrupting my supernode?


Just download the nanowallet, and import your private key. Using your private key in multiple apps will not affect your supernode.


hi Mexxer, I don’t quite understand “conflicting rules”, if possible can you please elaborate with a bit more information?


Vote to yes but can be refined further, maybe get in-house marketing folks as a start?


NEMPay supports this proposal from Founder Lon Wong