NEM related NFT

I started creating NEM related NFT some time ago. It would be nice to see more NEM related stuff. I know that there is one or the other talented artist around NEM. It is also a good way to show that we as a community are active and visible.


This is actually great considering that the market of NEM is still growing. It is also one of the best ways to gather all those who are interested in the coin. I will definitely have this thread saved for future references. Have you noticed that NEM has a promising blockchain? Well, I do hope that there are more feature updates. I also noticed that its value in the market is slowly increasing. I also read an article saying that there is a huge possibility for it to become among the biggest altcoins in the market. Thanks for this!

This is very cool, keep up the good work, please!

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A new update, feel free to share yours 2: