NEM’s Prototype Project Bounty Program

Hi, somebody already submitted that so I will cross it off.

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Hi. I would like to create Twitter bot.

Hi Crone. Somebody just messaged me yesterday about this too. Was it you?


I completed the code for the Reddit tipper bot. It will be running on Testnet for now.

Code is available here. Basic install instructions and usage are available on the GitHub.

I’m in the process of writing the blog-post.


Guys, I am looking to contribute in the NEM ecosystem. I can do some dev work (Java/Python/Android). Can help in testing as well. I was also looking to do some promotional work (writing articles/posting reddit posts, etc) or making tutorials to help new commers. The community can approve the work before giving off any bounties :smiley:

Can someone point me to the right person?


is it available for use on reddit? let me know when you’re ready to test.

I do not have a permanent instance of the bot setup yet. I have scheduled an extensive testing day of June 26th. Current tests have shown the bot working, however, due to Reddit’s rate-limiting comments from new account at 10 minute windows, the bot isn’t always able to respond to a tip comment. Once the bot receives enough comment karma, this will cease to be an issue, however users may notice a very noticeable delay in reply to their tip comments. That aside, there’s no side-effects to the actual tipping and transactions themselves.

@jabo38, blog post/guide is available here. As noted in the guide, I will be creating a seperate follow-up post detailing the technical implementation.

nevermind, looks like you got it! :smiley:

Hi @jabo38 I would like to write a few articles on NEM, anything in particular aspects you would like me to promote?

Hi! Can you plese let me know the details of the open project?

Hi @jabo38, I’m interested in the coupon system, could you share details on it?

Hi. I have one dev working on that project.

Please PM on Telegram if you have any ideas of new projects. @jabo38

all these projects must be open sourced

The new bounty system is described on the website.

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Are these $ denominations in USD?


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4件の投稿を新しいトピックに分割しました: Delegated harvesting on NCC and on Nanowallet, but the status will be different
Since this is a topic to announce, I moved to a technical discussion.

@jabo38 Hi! Is there anybody implementing the discourse tipping bot? Is it still relevant? I could do that.
Also, is there any interest in Slack?
Please PM me any relevant information if this bounty still open. Thanks in advance!