NEM’s Prototype Project Bounty Program

The NEM team will be giving bounties for the following projects. The projects will all have the following three parts.

  1. A working demo written in ES6 Javascript running on nodejs (preferred language)
  2. Open-sourced code on Github under an MIT license
  3. A detailed “how to” blog explaining exactly how the project was built and walking through others on how to build it.

The following projects are offered as suggestions. We will be willing to add additional projects if a community member suggests them.

Please make project proposals to jabo38 before starting. Suggestions for new ideas are welcome too! Blogs should be written in Markdown (also the language of this forum for posting) and images for blogs hosted in the cloud. Previewing a blog written in Markdown can be done on

The new bounty system is posted on the NEM website.

  • How to use NEM mosaics as in-game currency (use an open source JS game and reward high scores with mosaics that can be exchanged for badges). Bounty: 75,000 XEM (currently being worked on but possible to add additional projects. Please contact @jabo38 on Telegram for more details)

  • How to create a payment API using NEM (asynchronously check an address for incoming tx with a previously defined msg and on success return something to the user). Bounty: 75,000 XEM (currently submitted and waiting for approval)

  • Build a new version of XEMsign. This is a bot that a person can run on a server that will watch the chain and sign transactions for multisig accounts. Bot will only sign if transactions meet certain requirements. Examples can be a whitelist or blacklist of receiving accounts, daily limits, transaction limits, min balance limits, or a special message sent with the transaction (Google 2FA or secret password). Bounty: 150,000 (Please contact @jabo38 on Telegram for more details) (Currently being worked on by Kodtycoon)

  • Build an instant exchange module for Nano wallet utilizing Changelly APIs. Bounty: 75,000 XEM

  • How to create a voting app using NEM (using sink addresses for voting options, filtering for duplicates). Should also be compatible with Nano wallet. Application framework mapped out already by jabo38. Please PM him. Bounty: 150,000 XEM (Currently being worked on by Atraura)

  • How to create an inventory app using NEM (simple UI that allows the transfer of mosaic assets between “warehouses” -> addresses). Bounty: 150,000 XEM (currently being worked on)

  • How to make a better block explorer for NEM. Bounty: 75,000 XEM

  • Build an alias/DNS module for NanoWallet similar to Emercoin’s DNS. (on hold)

  • How to make a NEM notifier application that sends emails and/or Telegram bot that sends messages when an alarm notice happens (alarms: low balance, transaction happened, etc.) on a watched account. Bounty: 75,000 XEM **(submitted)

  • Create NEM ID, a NEM implementation of BitID.Example: Bounty: 75,000 XEM (Please contact @jabo38 on Telegram for more details) (currently being worked on)

  • How to use NEM as a coupon system for business coupons. Should also be compatible with Nano wallet. (currently being worked on)

  • Set up a testnet faucet for XEM and Mosaic. Bounty: 75,000 XEM

  • Build a key recovery service (KRS) that creates an of (n+1) multisig account. The KRS keeps the +1 private key and returns the other private keys to the user. When the user wants to retrieve the stored private key from the KRS, the KRS triggers calls a predefined webhook. Example: Bounty: 50,000 XEM (Finished by Aenima)

  • Build extensions for NanoWallet to be used in a browser app. (currently on hold but being worked on by onokatio)

  • Build an address book for NanoWallet. Bounty: 75,000 XEM (completed)

  • Build an offline transaction notifier app and companion scanner app for creating an air-gapped wallet solution for NEM. Details can be found here. Bounty 75,000 XEM (Please contact @jabo38 on Telegram for more details) (currently being worked on)

  • Build a NEM notification app fully integrated with Telegram available for all users. Please contact @jabo38 for more details. Bounty 75,000 XEM (finished KodTycoon).

  • Build a Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and/or NEM Forum tipping bot. The more on chain, decentralized, and secure, the better. Please contact @jabo38 for more details. Bounty 50,000 XEM (Jon is currently working on Reddit. Victor is working on Twitter. Alvin is working on Facebook.)

  • NCC to NanoWallet Address Book Exporter. Completed by Anthony. Bounty 15,000 XEM. (completed)


creation for mosaics interest rates.

interest rates shall be as positive, with a sign (+), also negative, with a sign (-).
in case of positive interest rates, with a sign (+), on mosaics percent are charged.
in case of negative interest rates, with a sign (-), with mosaics interests for benefit creator of mosaics are deducted.
thus from mosaics it will be possible to create banks with various interest rates. from positive interest rates, with a sign (+), to negative interest rates, with a sign (-).
examples of negative interest rates: BOJ interest rate (-)0.10%. SNB interest rate (-)0.75%.
examples of positive interest rates: RBA interest rate (+)1.50%. PBOC interest rate (+)4.35%.

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We need a new paper wallet maker for the mobile apps too. Please PM me. :slight_smile:75k biounty

Owon is working on the paper wallet. Nikhil made the changelly module.

Other suggestions for projects are possible.

We still need a Nano wallet fork for mobile. That would have to be discussed but would be a bigger project and bounty.

There are other app examples too that would be nice, like a mobile option for Apostille.

Owon has made this paper wallet and released it. Voucher & Paper Wallet Generator

“How to make a better block explorer for NEM”

maybe the following project can give some help: (host in LA) here to see how it works, the server will keep online for few months.


that looks really great! just in time too as we need another blockchain explorer!

@gd_kuaile is it possible to PM on Telegram so we can chat?

Gd_kuaile is making a nice blockchain explorer, and some people from NEM Japan have been working on Testnet faucets that are now up and working. :slight_smile:


Play with my SBMF (Small Business Mosaic Faucet ) :slight_smile:
I write usage of SBMF in English.

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I campaign at my SBMF !!! :gift:
I will send 300XEM (mainnet) to six address of who GET namutest:daikichi Mosaic from SBMF ! Try !

I finish it on January 3 midnight.


your blog has been posted :slight_smile:

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Got it, thanks!

I wrote blog about NEM testnet Faucet in Japanese. :wink:

Thank you. Let’s try to get that translated into English!

Should I translate it in English?
But I heard that ‘Your documet is translated by’ on telegram.
What’s happend ? :disappointed_relieved:

I’m still waiting on a translation. I haven’t seen the English version yet.

translation for faucet project has been given and has been proofed. will post soon

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Davide has submitted a code and blog on how to make a telegram notification bot.

It would also be nice to have a general email service set up where anybody could sign up and get email notifications about their account status and updates.

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RB2 has submitted a blog on how to use Docker. Thanks to RB2 for that.