NEM Supernode Rewards Program

So, looks like some key in the config is wrong. Please check all config entries.

it seems to work now according to the extended info. Still the node is failing all but the balance test. Was it enrolled with the new ip?
thanks again for your help

You don’t need to enroll again, you need to change the ip. So send a transaction with the message

change ip to

to the noderewards account.

tx hash: 48e556ad8763c6fd8e3f0c363ae9d4908cebcd6ced8a08b2f1457fdd0b438dd3
thanks again!!

Hello, BloodyRookie.

I have a question.
Yesterday I tried to register the node.
My node is registered on this website (
But my node is not registered on this website (

Why is this?

The transaction hash is
The name is TEST01.

Your main account has only ~500 xem in it. To take part in the supernode program it needs to have at least 3M xem.

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Thank you!! @BloodyRookie . I did it!

And please change IP of these supernodes.

change ip to
change ip to
change ip to
change ip to
change ip to
change ip to
change ip to
change ip to
change ip to
change ip to

I already sent enroll message to NAFUND address,
the tx hash:

Thanks a lot!

Hello nembers! @BloodyRookie i have changed my ip and send a message at NAFU****

How many time for getting the change ip effective ? since 2 days now and the ip at is not updated. Thank you

The test right now is at 10MBit/s. It is very possible it will become lower later. Right now we are stressing the network. , ,

Hi, i noticed that my enrollment public key harvesting is not the same as my public key harvesting because is changing in different version of wallet and since i have switched to a new ip and new installation i don’t have my enrollement prive key harversting… why different wallet version change the harvesting key ? so i have to process a new enrollement ? @BloodyRookie thank you

I had this problem in the beginning. Your delegated private key is not linked to your normal private key in the wallet. The wallet will generate a delegated public key upon loading or making the account private key. You then send a transaction making the delegated private key the harvester for the account private key. Every time you reload the private key into a new wallet you will generate a new delegated private key.
The original delegated private is however linked into the blockchain with the transaction you have made.
If you lost your original delegated private key only solution is disable delegated harvesting and send a new transaction linking the new delegated private key to the private key.

Thank you for your explanation, good i have found the original delegate key and private so now it would be ok i have sent a msg to change the ip with the new ip and same public key would be ok i hope

Nothing to do… please update the ip @BloodyRookie thank you

@BloodyRookie Hi BloodyRookie. I need some help on supernode . The supernode is failing for quite some time. From the logs, there are no memory/connection issues. Is there any other ways I can check for possible failure issues? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Ok, which supernode is yours?
Can you paste the tx hash of the enroll message for the new entry?

Looks like it is not failing any test in round 5525. Did you restart NIS?

Why is so slow to get support on this channel?node

The tx of my new ip

Thank you

Changed your ip manually in the db.

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Thank you!