NEM Supernode Rewards Program

It’s not my balance
|Expected Min Balance|3000000|
|Reported Balance|1569527|<<<


I’m getting FAILS across the board … do I need to wait another day?


I activated the node again yesterday. Your were looking at old tests from February.

But the new tests rounds fail too for your node. The reason is that both NIS and the servant were booted with the wrong private key.

The correct delegated public key is
while the one display in the requests is



You booted NIS with the wrong key. Please check.
Also the servant does not seem to be up, the following requests runs into a timeout:


I fixed it.
But all tests fail :frowning:
@BloodyRookie please check.


Hi BloodyRookie! I think my Supernode: ANECHKA2017, 07/06/2018 did not receive payment. All tests passed. Please check it.))) Thanks)))





Thank you! Probably for 6/6/2018?


Look at the entries of the image you posted. Consecutive entries are around 24 hours apart, so everthing is fine.


Супернода не проходит тест по chain height, но синхронизация уже завершилась дней 5 назад, что делать?


Your node is on a fork. You need to resync your node. Delete database and sync again.

Google translate:
Ваш узел находится на развилке. Вам необходимо повторно синхронизировать ваш узел. Удалите базу данных и синхронизируйте их снова.


OK got the servant up, had a wrong character at the end.

I checked my key for the account and it matches the NIS key.

But still failing. Seems Im still missing something.


Just wait a bit.


there can i download latest blockchain archive?
here latest 10 jan


i uploaded a recent version of the db:


Thank you! :blush:


Ok it started passing, then fails on height/chain.

I reboot, passes a few then fails again on height/chain …

Anybody else have this issue with digital ocean? I have 4gb of RAM - 1408M and 128M for config


With 4GB of RAM total, you can give NIS something like 2300M.


give 256m to servant. it’s very unstable with 128m on my nodes.