NEM Supernode Rewards Program


Br, check please z1, z3 and z4 new ip addresses.
Sent messages yesterday


IP addresses were changed.


BR, something wrong with measuring or displaying of results ? I see last results on Rewards History page (or pages, looks like it’s global) around 2018-06-20 03 p.m. GMT, nothing fresher (?)


Yea, result analyzer task was stuck, had to restart master. Hopefully works now.


I don’t think it’s working


Yes it seems the analyzer is still stuck.

Does this delay payouts in any way?


I found the problem and corrected it. Unfortunately i had to restart the master again.

Yes, there were no payouts during the time the master was stuck.


As of now the payout still hasn’t started it seems.


We are at collecting results for round 3627 now. Next payout is scheduled when we have finished collecting results for round 3628.


Missing rounds will be paid ?


I will evaluate the missing payouts probably tomorrow.


Here are the missing payouts. Any supernode which had a payout in the last two days before the incident, was eligible to receive a payout. It turned out that 422 node were eligible, each getting 663 xem. Here is the list:

payouts.pdf (112.9 KB)




I guess now is a good time for buying 3,000,030 XEMs. :smile:


I’m not sure I did it right, my intention was dismiss the rigel9 supernode and riactivate the old rigel8 with rigel9’s account

Please, @BloodyRookie, check it


That won’t work that way ^^
I manually disabled rigel9 and added a new rigel8…


Measuring / rewarding is stuck / disabling again ? I see - on history page - last round #3661, which is ~ 24 hours ago…


There was a delay but is not stuck.


BloodyRookie, could you please help with

I’vent made any changes last 30 days at least, but it fails tests

Thanks in advance.


Looks like it is doing fine in the current round. This will be reflected within the next day.
Maybe your node was rebooted by the provider and didn’t restart NIS / Servant?
Did you restart NIS / Servant in the last few days?