NEM Supernode Rewards Program


BloodyRookie, thanks for the quick response.

Maybe your node was rebooted by the provider and didn’t restart NIS / Servant?

I’m not sure about it, maybe

Did you restart NIS / Servant in the last few days?

I restarted NIS and Servant only yesterday, around 20 hours ago.



Hi BloodyRookie No changes have been made to this SN - but as you can see, it keeps failing the height and chain test.

Because of this, I have restarted both the Servant and NIS, but it seems to be failing still.

Advice appreciated.


As usual first question (forgive me if you already have answered ealier in this thread):
How much RAM are you giving to NIS since it seems to stall due to memory probs.


Within the ‘runNis.bat’ I have - java -Xms2G -Xmx2G which has been the same for the last few months


Try setting to 2300M (assuming you have a 4GB vps).


I am running off a Windows 10 PC, so not a vps.
It has 16GB ram, so what could I try?
Many thanks


If you have enough RAM you can use -Xms3G -Xmx3G, that should be enough for sure.


Ok I will give that a try - thank you :grinning:


seems like payouts stuck again(


Payout is in progress.


There was a delay of apprximately 1 day with payouts last week. I there initiated an additional payout. Here is the data:

payouts.pdf (117.0 KB)


Hi Rookie,

you suggested that I should simply change my hoster when I asked for the reason of multiple chain height failures. I upgraded the server specs for 2 supernodes on the same hoster and it actually improved the test results. On nemster_2 we had not had a single failure for nearly 4 weeks. Nemster started failing after 2.5 weeks.

My question is if most supernodes from other users run smoothly or do they have occasional test failures also? Would you still suggest to change hoster? If so are the hosters displayed in the supernode setup tutorial all good? Thx


Some users struggle with occasional test failures, others not.
All i can say is that some hosters seem to have stable vpses, like if you pick a vps in the US from vultr.
Still, after a certain amount of time (depending on the RAM the vps has), it is a good idea to restart NIS.


ok, thank you. Our systems are set up to reboot automatically 1/week. I will look at vultr.


I will test vultr. which plan should I book?


Boot takes quite some time, so if a test is during that time, the node will fail. I therefore only recomment restart of NIS if really necessary, e.g. you see that the cpu usage spikes (due to using swap) or it has been running for 3 months.


My vultr nodes are 8GB nodes. 4GB will work but 8GB will work for a longer time.


Hi @BloodyRookie

Just to let you know, there is approx 20 nodes failed balance test at



Yes, that was due to restart of NIS on the noderewards server.


Hi, @BloodyRookie
I changed the server of supernode.
I sent change ip message to NAFUND-BUKIOS-TMD4BN-XL7ZFE-735QHN-7A3FBS-6CMY

But my supernode’s ip don’t change yet: