NEM Supernode Rewards Program


Thta is because you got strange chars in the message:

“change ipâ toâ”



I copied this message from the Internet, only replaced the IP-address :frowning:
Is the second message correct?
Already gone three days…


That one has zeros in the ip, try without zeros: “”


Thanks, I’ll try


my node ( is failing all tests regarding nis with “No results to show” (

I restarted node around 30 hours ago and since then chain height is ok

what can be the problem?


It will pass round 3729.


Z2 node failing a version test :thinking:
when we get a new servant version, that will not allow such stupid mistakes and glitches?


Those sporadic failures indicate that the connection to the server could not be made. And that is a failure, isn’t it? If the failure occurs just as often as for all other nodes, it will level out in the long run (since the payout is always 140k per day). If the nodes has more of those failures than other nodes, it means the connection is not as stable as for other nodes and that is punished.


I don’t get it. If this mean that node lost connection, that this mean?

How long all tests take time?


For each test, the master connects to the node. If that fails, the test can’t be performed. Connect failure happen from time to time, every node has such failures sometimes.


Here are the missing payouts from two weeks ago where i had to restart the NIS on the node-rewards server:

payouts.pdf (34.9 KB)


Thank you :grinning:


Please upgrade your supernode to version 0.6.96. This upgrade is mandatory.


supernode “croissant” is going to maintenance upgrade now.
There are 47 harvesters, please restart harvesting later.


Hello @BloodyRookie!

Can you please understand what has happened here and why i missed the reward?!



Those sporadic failures do occur, the internet is not 100% stable, everyone gets those errors. The usual problem is that the master could not connect to the node.


i see. in this case, is there a way to get the reward that was missed because of this sporadic failure?


No, it will level out in the long run.


z1 and z4 nodes failed tests
reboot them twice, it didn’t help


Just means that you need to let the node load the chain. That might need quite a while depending on the node specs. Rebooting is counter productive since it needs to start loading the entire chain again.