NEM Supernode Rewards Program


i reboot them august 12. two days ago. guess it stuck :thinking:


Hmm… in that case, maybe you can upload the log?


ok, there i can get it?


its it?


if you run NIS as root, yes



The node seems to be super slow, it needs 22 minutes to reach the point where is starts to load the chain. A fast node needs 5 seconds for that. It then needs more than 12 hours to load the chain to height 1230001 (that is where the logs ends). Probably would have needed another 2 days to load the rest of the chain.

Honestly, there is something wrong with the supernode. What are the specs of the node?


4Gb ram, 4 cores intel i5 3ghz cpu and 25 Gb SSD storage


Then your provider sucks ^^ Or you are not giving enough RAM to NIS.


but 2 other node work perfect :neutral_face:
nis has 2Gb on one node, and 2.8Gb on other. No difference.

Updated to 0.96 version. Same thing.
call to provider support. they say it’s all ok on their side, all works as usual.
Have no idea that to do :disappointed_relieved:


A provider will never ever admit that something is wrong on his side unless you can prove it :wink:
Can you try to benchmark cpu and ssd?


Sent them log screenshots
They answered what maybe my vds reach cpu load limit, so they suspect me in crypto mining.
do xem node load cpu so much???


No, during load 1 cpu is used. But it might be the SSD as well. That device is shared among other VPSes, so if someone uses it extensively, it might be slower.


You could try to measure ssd performance with dd command, something like:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/testfile bs=512 count=1000 oflag=dsync

and see how long it takes.


For a primitive cpu benchmark you might try:

time echo “scale=2000; 4*a(1)” | bc -l

and see how long it takes.


…aaand i move to another vps provider.
Can you advice any?


I like vultr.


Thanks for advice, but it not accepting my card for payment((

Btw is there some minimum requirements for cpu?


Must pass the computing power test and that depends mostly on the cpu frequency.


Maybe pay with btc?


Nope, first payment must be made by card.
Intel Atom 2.1 Ghz is ok?