NEM Supernode Rewards Program


Sounds pretty weak to me.


buy vps with e5 cpu and NVMe.
messages were sent
Check please)


3 days passed, get all tests failed.
Looks like i messed up with keys, or something again
Br, check please:


NIS is running and shows correct public key.
Servant seems not to be running, no response from

Same applies to nodes z2 - z4.


what i need to do to run servant?


You need to start the servant on each node. Should be described in the first post of this thread.


Upd: guess it work now:



ok, let it run a day and we will see if tests pass.


Nope. Still failed :confused:


It will pass next round.


Yes, payment received.
Thanks for you help)


ip and alias change requested
moved to a new server …


Did it work or do i need to do something manually?


My node ( is failing all tests after change ip
Message was send, and everything looks ok.
What can be the problem?


I see that it is now passing tests (can’t see if all are passed), so probably need to wait longer to reflect it in the website.


Ok, thank you for help.
I will wait.


It will pass in round 3924.


Message sent for enrollment. Node running -
BR kindly update. Thanks.


Added new entry:


@BloodyRookie Kindly add the node - Message sent. Thanks.