NEM Supernode Rewards Program


Failing Responsiveness

DigitalOcean Droplet 4core 8g ram

{“node”:{“metaData”:{“features”:1,“application”:null,“networkId”:104,“version”:“0.6.96-BETA”,“platform”:“Oracle Corporation (1.8.0_181) on Linux”},“endpoint”:{“protocol”:“http”,“port”:7890,“host”:“”},“identity”:{“name”:“Shannonem”,“public-key”:“2e6afba79463244f5ba203dedf689eefa0200ae70eb54bac74bcc236ad4daffe”}},“nisInfo”:{“currentTime”:108847129,“application”:“NEM Deploy”,“startTime”:108783254,“version”:“0.6.96-BETA”,“signer”:null}}


Should I wait patiently, and do nothing?

Added: java -Xms2800M -Xmx6G -cp

  1. node is not reachable
  2. there already is a supernode (QUBIT3) that uses the same delegated key


Yes, in round 3935 it was not completely synced but now is synced and hopefully will pass all tests in round 3936


@BloodyRookie is something wrong with payout for rounds 3929 - 3932? My supernode NEMczech still have not received reward for that rounds. Thank you.



Thanks, I see it now. That is weird I cannot see it before. Everything is OK.


Yes that server reached expiry. I changed the server and ip address. I also want to change the name of the supernode. It is working now :
EDIT: please delete that QUBIT3 node.


It would be easier if you send 2 change messages (one for ip change and one for alias change). Else i would have to disable QUBIT3, wait for at least 12 hours and then add a new entry with same public key.


I am sorry to give you a headache, HAHA!! I didn’t see that we can send messages to change IP & name. It was my first time changing a server. Messages sent. Thank you BR :+1:


will catapult chain will have super nodes??


i guess there will be some equivalent to supernodes, but the exact conditions are not known as of now.


Hi BR, this supernode has still not been added. Ki ndly check and add. I have sent the required ip & name change messages two days ago.Thanks.


NEM-MOON2 is there:


Hi BR, My node ( is failing except Balance.
Message was send, and everything looks ok.
What can be the problem?


Looks like neither NIS nor Servant is running.


hi im not sure maybe same IP or public delegated key was used like a year before so if any manual adaption is needed i send u the enroll transaction

thx for have a look BloodyRookie

Transfer transaction






0 .000000 XEM


0.200000 XEM


enroll eu.5 8a603dc6d084ce787685a83dbcf1db062bd6b7af12aff72e6afea96f6926297b






Node was added by the enroll bot. Let’s wait a bit to see if it passes tests.


I will do maintenance of the node rewards database on sunday 2018-09-23. This means that the tests procedure will be offline for some hours and thus payouts are delayed too.


IP & ALIAS change requested. Changed the server. Please add. Thanks.


Anyway, BR, are they still allowed older version of NIS, or only current 0.6.96 remains valid ? Thanks.