NEM Supernode Rewards Program


I will enforce 0.6.96 version at some point. So please upgrade now.


I already upgraded long time ago, so I’m just asking ;-). But maybe this Sunday maintenance is good point (also) for enforcing this (0.6.96) version, isn’t ?


Should be annouced some weeks before making nodes with old version fail the test.


You wrote at Aug, 13 : " Please upgrade your supernode to version 0.6.96. This upgrade is mandatory.". This could be considered as announcement :wink:


You are right, I forgot that I already had announced that the upgrade is mandatory.

I will upgrade the node rewards reference NIS to 0.6.96 on sunday 2018-09-23. Supernodes with versions prior to 0.6.96 will fail in subsequent rounds.


@BloodyRookie My supernode is running but failing all the tests. Please check


The supernode seems to pass current round, so need to wait a bit longer till the results page reflects that.


Maintenance is over, node rewards tests procedure has started again


I see a lot of supernodes failing due old version of NIS. Upgrade if you care about your supernode!


Hello! Remind please! How to switch to the version nis 0.6.96?


0.6.96 can be downloaded from Bob:
You need to replace the existing jars with the jars of the new version and the restart NIS.
The exact procedure depends on your folder structure on the supernode.


-Xms2800M -Xmx2800M It’s enough?


Hi @BloodyRookie

I upgraded my SN to 0.6.96 by replacing the four 0.6.95 jars in the nis folder to the 0.6.96 jars earlier today. On the nem node rewards site the version shows as 0.6.96 BETA, however it still failed on version.


@suky321 now it passed tests so looks all is ok now :slight_smile:


Should be enough. If you encounter an out of memory error, you might want to lower to -Xms2500M -Xmx2500M.


Regarding the NIS upgrade to 0.6.96: Could you please specify how to replace the jars? Do we simply replace the package folder? Will this have an impact on automatic weekly reboot cron job? Thx


The exact procedure depends on how you organized the data on your supernode. You should only replace the jars since you don’t want to overwrite your configuration files.


we have replaced all jar files from package folder, however test just failed version again.


Just look at log, when starting NIS the version is logged.
And the website always displays results that are about a day old.


Thanks for your help. As guys without much coding skills we sincerely appreciate your support. So in log it shows 0.6.96 version and also we get a warning:

2018-09-25 12:11:40.215 WARNING no certificate found for (file:/home/xxxx/nis-ncc/package/nis/nem-deploy-0.6.96-BETA.jar <no signer certificates>) (org.nem.core.metadata.CodeSourceFacade <init>)