NEM Supernode Rewards Program



Long periods of time they synchronize with each other. Since October 16, the MNs have not received rewards.


Looks like the supernodes have severe network problems. I see directly after chain was loaded things like:

WARNING Skipping invalid known peer: org.nem.core.node.InvalidNodeEndpointException: host is unknown (org.nem.peer.Config o)
SEVERE DIRECT fatal error encountered while communicating with <Node [Hi, I am BigAlice3 <NC5A7OIVQ6YNXDWY6656MBCS4IYZNQTB6EWMYZHS>] @ []>

I guess only because the other node is in the same datacenter they have any communication, but the nodes cannot communicate with the outside. Please ask your provider what is wrong.


Hi BloodyRookie
Please disable supernode “Hello world”




Hi BR, I’m an agent of XEMCAT.

Please register correct name.
My client enrolled “XEMCAT”, but actually named it as “XEMCAT_OLD”

And also please disable XEMCAT_OLD

The address of XEMCAT_OLD and XEMCAT are the same, but the delegated addresses are different because he changed his wallet from ncc to nano wallet.

If any question, please ask me.



Done as requested.


Thanks, even weekend.

But the name of the new one remains XEMCAT_old.
The number of supernode is 1027

Would you change it to XEMCAT ?

tx is as below.


lol, i already did that but seems the enroll bot changed it back ^^
Let’s try again…


@Shohei_Kamon: The enroll bot changes back to the XEMCAT_old alias automatically ^^ You can send an Alias change message to change it back to XEMCAT, but probably both will be renamed (old one and new one). Since the old one will not appear in the test results list any more, i guess that is acceptable.


@BloodyRookie Thenks to your advice, the name changed as I excepted.

But Bandwidth, Computing power, and Ping shows only “X”, and I don’t know why it happens because the node seems to work correctly and its configurations are same as the other nodes which I manage.

please watch this one.

Do you think what is wrong with this?

I happens when XEMCAT changed its wallet from NCC to NANO .
The wallet’s address is the same but delegated addresses changed by that.

I need your help.


When did you restart the servant for the last time?


Actually I might have fogotten to restart the servant process after restarting the nis process.

Thanks to your advise, I restarted the servant process, and finally it seems to work fine.

Thank you!


Please help


shows wrong delegated public key, please check the NIS configuration.
Expected is the delegated public key

Servant configuration looks ok, it will pass the related tests soon.


Hi! not enough computing power. What is the reason?
my supernoda ANECHKA2017
70 percent of RAM is used.
5.6 out of 8 GBConfiguration

Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter

Plan: G2.8GB



Disk: 160 GB

Term: On-Demand

Transfer: 4096 GB


Hard to tell. The computing power test seems to vary a lot, from 1400ms to >5000ms. So either that is windows specific (most people use nix systems so we don’t have much experience with windows based supernodes) or some other vps on the same hardware is using lots of computation power every now and then.


All nodes have a similar picture.
Along with a computing power of N ms, sometimes a power to 2N … 3N ms is obtained.
I have for example 1600 ms … 3500 ms on my node.
I assume that a bigger value is obtained when real computational work on the network occurs and at this time a performance test taking place.
The processor at this time gets multiple load.


ok. Thanks))


Please deactivate supernode HelloAlice at