NEM Supernode Rewards Program


looks like z4 node don’t get reward for 4193-4196 rounds(
Also it fails Height test often, i don’t understand why


I have no idea too, maybe restart NIS every now and then (maybe once a month?).


Yes, sorry
Interesting why it not shown here :neutral_face:


Hi Could you please change my SN from ip: - to - message sent.


Changed by the bot.


Ok thank you


Hi my node is still not showing on Blockchain Explorer, since the IP change.

I have restarted it to see if that helped, but it didn’t. (Changed to the new IP in the Servants config)


Seems NIS and Servant are not running?


Had to reset everything again - but it seems to be working now


Hi, could you please change ip of my supernode CryptoBank1 from to I sent transaction from acc.


Done. Seems the node’s config still got some old ip:


Hi, could you please change ip of my supernode CryptoBank1 from to

I wanted to use another ip, but for some reason it only takes default server ip. May be next time when I upgrade node software I will try it again.


change alias nem’strunk to nem’strunk_old


change alias nem’strunk2 to nem’strunk2_old


You need to send that to the node rewards fund account.


I sent it the day before yesterday, but there was no response…



Changed manually.


Thank you!
And day before yesterday I sent a message to abolish them.

Please disable supernode nem ‘strunk_old Please disable supernode nem’ strunk 2 _ old



It is for transitioning from NCC to nanowallet.


I already disabled them.