NEM Supernode Rewards Program


Your new nodes are not showing the delegated public keys that you enrolled with, please check.


thank you!


My supernode is running but failing all the tests after change ip.
Message was send, and everything looks ok. Please check it.


The ip in the db was not changed. when did you send the message? Can you give me the tx hash?


24 december, 9f21e08ccf0f7473c169e4b8d3f2b7a42f76ebc6fd3f1e3a1c7f764f84979512


I don’t see any such transaction in the main chain.


Strange, in account it confirmed.
Send message again:


Oh, you are right, nembex is the problem. But your message states that old ip is and the db has ip for entry with alias fortune. That is why the ip wasn’t changed i guess.


Oh, i send message to change ip from to early.
but don’t control that it change.
Can you fix it or i need to send new message?


Changed ip manually. Should be ok now.


Thank you. It’s work. Happy New Year! )


Hi, BR, what’s happened with SuperNode measuring among 2019-01-06 12:58 GMT and 2019-01-07 09:14 GMT ?


The result evaluation task was stuck. I fixed it.