NEM Supernode Rewards Program


I checked in and old IP address was in there, changed it to new one. Will monitor. just had node name and some long key, no IPs.


seems to have passed a test, fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:


Question, when I reboot my supernode it always loads the chain from 0 height. Takes awhile. I use the ‘tail’ command to verify loading the blocks.

I thought when moving this .db dump to the nem/nis/data folder it should skip straight to the 2015000 block for a speedy load, but it always starts on 0 for a reboot. Am I missing something?


Nope, restarting NIS always result in loading the entire chain.


Hi BR,

Payout for rounds 4533-4536 was 402 rewarded to 348 nodes.
Payout for rounds 4537-4540 is 782, rewarded to 179 nodes.

I see a lot of Ping and Responsiveness failures.
If that is correct, what possibly might have caused it?



I don’t know what caused it, but most of my Alice nodes failed too.
Probably network issues but that is just my guess, not a fact.


Seems that chain height test failing again. Can you supply current log again, @suky321?


Hi, Sorry just saw message now, sending you PM with link to log file.


I know ponti was spamming his mosaic again.
on reddit he talked about taking down nodes last time with his scripts.
This is somewhat concerning …

any reason why my public-key would be different on?


Public key displayed reflects the delegated private key entry in the config.


same here I have had an influx in failures over the last week… chainpart; ping; responsiveness; version failure???

my nodes were running stable with a weekly reboot without failures for months.

Is this a real threat?

Also is there a historic PERFORMANCE RESULTS list?


Aside from the history page of the node rewards web page

the only way to get historical result is via a POST request using the node rewards api.


Can you deactivate, I sent a message to your address




Is NCPAYOUTH2BGEGT3Q7K75PV27QKMVNN2IZRVZWMD the reserved payout pool? Does that mean it’s almost dry? What happens next? Mega-dump?


Here is the Supernode Rewards address:


Thanks, that one looks better. :slight_smile:
31 july 2020 I guess.


did stuck the today rewards?
what happen?


It is not stuck, not sure what you mean.

Edit: OK, i see it, the payout account is empty :confused:


Payout process has resumed. There were some missing payouts due to the lack of xem in the payout account in round 4653 - 4656. Those missing payouts were done today and are listed in the following document:

payouts.pdf (62.2 KB)