NEM Supernode Rewards Program

What would be the best location for nods server, for I have option to London, Tokyo, USA etc.

Tokyo i think would be good. US an Europe are afaik already covered pretty well.

Any difference left with 3 million XEM or more?

Wether you have 3 or 10 million won’t make any difference no.

Just set up yesterday. I am failing on bandwidth and responsiveness. My internet connection is 41mbps down . 15mbps up. I would imagine this is enough. Regarding the testing. Will it not depend on which country is actually running the test and the distance of that location to you ? My node is in Ireland btw

I think my Node is not strong enough, failing the Bandwidth and Responsiveness Test, what are the requirements?

Don’t worry about the responsiveness test for now, it seems there is something wrong with the test.
Also if your node is new, give it a day to see if it finally passes the tests. In the beginning there is not all information available (especially ping information to other nodes) so the master might pick an inappropriate node to do the bandwidth test.

Guys, we are in thesting phase. It helps, if you reports issues/bugs/weird behavior/strange test results, but don’t expect the whole testing process to be working 100% fine right now.

Also while we are in the testing phase, we are trying to find the right thresholds. So e.g. I personally think that upstream of 10 Mbps is a bit too high. But this has to be discussed with the dev team and the more data we collect, the faster we can find the right values.

Generally it is best for NEM if we have supernodes around the world. It is better for the supernodes (regarding passing the tests and rewards later), because the supdernodes test each other directly for some parameters. Others are done by the master test server which the devs run.

Tks for the clarification. How long is the testing phase likely to last (ballpark) and how much bandwidth is a node likely to use when supernodes go live?

[quote=“fragout1, post:34, topic:1735”]
How long is the testing phase likely to last (ballpark)[/quote]
I really don’t know…

That depends a lot on how many nodes NEM has and how much it is used.
However, I can show you In and Out statistics for a node (not supernode, so it is NOT bandwidth-tested, which itself creates traffic) I run:

Mixmaster, how does this translate to volume/month?
I see average around:
In: 125000Bytes/hour -> 90GB/month?
Out: 110000Bytes/hour -> 80GB/month?
Total around 170GB/month?

So for a supernode it will need even more?

125000 per hour = 90,000,000 in 30 days = 90 megabytes Not 90 GB

is there a new link regarding how to install NEM on amazon windows VPS? this one is broken

Many thanks in advance!

@fragout1 calculated correctly

Is it on this thread that we should look for updates/progress reports etc?

I guess with my actual UpSpeed of 0.45 Mb/s I shouldn’t even bother?

Should really get some new internet in here…

I see responsiveness test has been repaired!

yes. Im passing everything now except bandwidth. Reporting 6000 ish kb/s and i get 14000 upload on speedtest

Is there a reason why in my supernodes statistics I have no values for Bandwidth, Computing Power and Ping?
Shouldn’t it show a value even if the goal is not met?

I’m pretty sure that my node at least would pass bandwidth and ping tests of those failed ones.

What is your node called?