NEM Token on BTT


I am just about to clean up my altcoins. I rememberd I registered in the fundraiser for NEM in 2014, I sent 30 NXT and also received the Token Code. The whole process back then was pretty complicated and even though I tried to, I never activated it. As it seems its now worth 1 million NEM, whats about 100000$, right?

In another thread I read, that the tokens cant be activated anymore. Is that true? It would mean I just threw 100k out the window (which I earn in about 5 years…)?

I hope theres a way to still activate the token.

Thanks for answering and hopefully having a solution for this.

yes, you wasted a big chunk of money. There is absolutely no way you can redeem the xem now.
Sorry :confused:

Actually what is described here

what was happened to me as well. I never got it activated because docs were down and links not working, Thats why I gave up. This really sucks. What happened to all the coins that should have been “distributed” but never got activated?

Those coins went into funds that support the growth of NEM :slight_smile:

Wow, seems like its gone. This is heavy shit. I work hard since I am out of school, got 2 kids and this could have been the chance of my life to finally get out of a flat that costs me a lot, paying some rich investment companys. 100k flushed down the toilet because of some dead links/overheated servers.

Thanks for your quick answer! I know theres not a chance but I will try to talk to the devs. Things like this shouldnt happen. If people invest they should get/loose their money. This whole process was definatly way too complicated IMHO.

Here’s a good rule of thumb for project managers: If the Interface isn’t user-friendly and intuitive then your project will not thrive - no matter how advanced the infrastructure.
Wallets and other interfaces should NEVER presume that end users have any understanding of network semantics. People understand (2) concepts: PUBLIC-KEY/ADDRESS & PRIVATE-KEY/PASSWORD. It’s an oversimplification - but that’s where Joe-Average-IQ is at. And if you want your project to fly & thrive - then you better make using it EASY for Joe-Average-IQ or you’re going to discover that market-share doesn’t give jack-squat about technical advances if they can’t be leveraged by 7 billion monkeys looking for an icon that looks like a banana in order to send a banana to another monkey. Apple figured this out over 30 years ago. It hasn’t become any less true. The NEM/XEM project has a problem with user friendliness. Egg-heads ALWAYS need supervision from analysts in the ergonomics dept when interface design is the subject.

I totally agree. I wouldnt say I am totally unexperienced when dealing with cryptos. But the whole token process was confusing. Lots of messages via BTT by different users, dead links, etc. etc. I just gave up after a while and now have to realize my token worth 100k$ just went into a fund to support the development? Thats what the initally raised funds were for anyway, right? This is just bad practice, hopefully it turns out well.

There was a very long redemption period, and it was extended multiple times. All the redemption links were active when the redemption period was available.

You can use the search feature on this forum to see the details.

Yeah, they probably were active, but I remember the first time using it (right after the message was sent in BTT) it didnt work. Anyway - I dont understand why a token expires. This would have been my most successful investment in altcoins and it dissapoints me that early investors dont get what they deserve just because some deadline was missed…