(automated delegated harvesting, export of transactions and more!)

ah okay, I have 41.136402 XEM vested, sorry, so that would be enough, now what went wrong with my registration?

uhu, sorry, i’m missing a 959.000 Xem to start harvesting?

You need 10000 (10 thousand) XEM vested balance to start harvesting. Remote status can be activated always but this doesn’t change you need 10 thousand to start.

like @CryptoBeliever stated you need a minimum of 10000 XEM vested in your account. you can calculate the estimated time to reach that goal here:

small update regarding nem-tools:

  1. source-code on github is now up-to-date

  2. transactions now also include transfers from multisig-accounts

  3. cryptoTony mentioned the service for automated restarts of delegated harvesting in his new video

  4. I made a change on the registration for auto-restarts of delegated harvesting. I also updated my blog-entry so that it is up-to-date. following attributes are now needed to submit:

    • e-mail
    • public key (delegated)
    • private key (delegated)

automated restarts are currently used by 95 people in total


I justed moved my blod-entry from medium to steem. if you like nem-tools please upvote my post, thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi Marco

I saw that the page transmitting the keys is not using ssl (or any other encryption), at least according to my browser (chrome Version 63.0.3239.108 (Official Build)). I wonder why? if you go through all the hassle of encrypting the keys securely on your storage, might it not make sense to ensure an encrypted transmission to you? Or am I missing something?



indeed this is a drawback that shouldn’t exist. but good question! the main-reason is that the frontend was initially hosted through github and therefore API calls to different nodes were not possible due to the fact that almost every node runs on http instead of https. github transformed each call to a node automatically into https and so the API calls to the nodes couldn’t be executed. this was a really ugly circumstand.

I might take a look at this topic again


Hi, I’m trying to integrate this service in nanowallet importanceTransfer controller,
I’m doing test from a testnet wallet, so is there a test url to call for


I doubt it is a good decision to integrate the harvesting service in the nanowallet in general and I also doubt that a pull-request with integration of this service will be merged into the master.

if you want to integrate it for yourself you should be fine.

and no, there is no test url to call the service, sorry

general information for all

  • currently some frontend-components (including navigation) don’t work anymore
  • nem-tools therefore is going to be rebuilt based on the angular-seed provided by @deleted_user_1 and @guillem using the latest version of nemlibrary
    • hopefully I can finish the migration to angular within this week

Why you need public delegated key if you also request private delegated key? If I understand the process well - you could get public key based on private one. Please correct me if I’m mistaken.

you are absolutely right. the upcoming version of nem-tools will only need email and delegated private key

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I used to use your tool to download full transaction history. Has that tool been removed? The link no longer works

will be added again as soon as I find time to do it :slight_smile:

Hello. I’m still very new to the NEM world. I just started harvesting, and signed up for your tool. I already got 1 email restart notification, so I guess it works. :slight_smile: My question is, in your steemit blog you mention “manually set the IP/hostname you received via mail as custom node to check against”. So, I do not know how to do that, and a link to some helpful info would help. Also, even though the email shows a newer harvesting node than when I first started, when I look at Nano wallet it still shows ACTIVE for both Remote and Harvesting status, so I’m a little confused. Thanks for the tool, as a new user of XEM it will help.

everyone who registers for harvesting through my service will receive a restart notification at the first 5 minutes. that is because my service doesn’t know on which node you might already have harvesting active.

after the first mail you will only be notified again if harvesting needed to be restarted.

the thing with “manually set IP/hostname” is meant to be set within the official NanoWallet if you want to be able to check by yourself whether harvesting is really active or not. but you really can trust my service. if you do not receive a mail then you should still be harvesting.

in NanoWallet there is a section where you can manually activate harvesting. there is also a option to set a node manually. there you need to put in the ip address that you got from my service. it should then automatically switch to “active” :slight_smile:

  • it might still show active for the old ip/hostname that was set first at nanowallet because it IS possible to activated harvesting on multiple nodes (!)
    • so your harvesting can be active on two nodes. the node you manually activated it on and the node my service activated it on
    • that won’t give you a better chance to harvest. the only thing that increases you chance to harvest is to get a higher PoI score.
    • you therefore should not be afraid when it shows “inactive” for the node you activated it manually on because my service only checks for the node that my service activated it on :wink:

I hope it is all clear now. Welcome to NEM! :slight_smile:

OK, thanks.

Before I found the “manually set” section, and after I got the 5 minute email, when I looked at Manage delegated account, the Harvesting status would be in black and I could not read the word because it then flashed and changed to green and said ACTIVE. I thought that was normal activity.

But several minutes later I went into Node, and saw the “manually set” option so I filled it in from the email. Now, instead of the black to green flash, when I look at Harvesting status, it is green ACTIVE.

Then I received your reply message, and it all made sense.

Thanks again, appreciate the welcome.

Hey, any news regarding the harvesting “transaction” feature on your website?

I need to pull my harvesting transactions for tax purposes soon. Or is there any other way? Afaik blockexplorers are not showing detailed harvesting income.


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sorry I cannot promise a fixed date for it to be available again. what is your deadline?