(automated delegated harvesting, export of transactions and more!)

Hey all,

in the last weeks I played around a bit with the nem-sdk (thanks to QuantumMechanics!) and decided to provide a little page with useful tools for all NEM users.


Provided Tools

  • account information (poi-score, balance, vested balance, count of harvested blocks, remote status and status)
  • transaction overview (incl. harvested blocks and csv-export)
    -> rates in $ or € are currently not displayed (hoping for a useful historicalPrice-API where we do not have to request the API thousand times)
  • calculator for vested XEM balance
    -> similar to but with the option to load current balance und current vested balance by providing your address
  • buying XEM via changelly
  • list of all supernodes
  • collection of useful links

In progress

Donation (if you like the tools feel free to give me a few XEM :slight_smile: )


I hope you like to tools! :slight_smile:


It seems that the NEM API only returns the latest 25 transactions and harvestedBlock. Is there any possibility to load all transactions of a specific address?

Your question is unrelated to this thread, please open a thread for unrelated topics next time.
To answer your question: read there is a possibility to iterate through all transactions.

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you must query 25 at a time as mentioned here:

Basically the /account/transfers/incoming will return 25 transactions or less every time you query it. The first time, you would get the last 25 transactions with the last created (also highest ID) being the first transaction in the result set.

Next time when you query the endpoint again, you would specify the oldest ID that you got from the result set, as the id parameter to the API. Then you will get the 25 transactions or less that happened before the given transaction id.

Hope that helps!

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thanks for clarification! didn’t see this detail while looking into the api and sorry for the unrelated blog post. when I am back from vacation I will implement it so that all transactions will show up.

would be great if someone could add a promise in the nem-sdk to loop over all transactions :stuck_out_tongue:

In my project I ended up looping a GET of each bundle of 25, updating the url hash and ID parameters at the end of each iteration, until I reached the end (breaking on empty results). Thankfully the address I was looking up didn’t have many txs. I’m sure there’s a more elegant way to go about it, though.

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The calculator piece looks very nice, well formatted. Nano-wallet should have a calc like that under delegated harvesting section.

I would like a paperwallet generator for my current address. I’ve seen a NEM paperwallet in C# which I compiled in Mono, but only makes new addresses.

NEM behaves awesome.


I made an online/offline javascript paper wallet generator:


Ok great, so this will be lower priority in my toolbox :slight_smile:

The only thing what I am personally missing there is a short instruction about the keys and the generation in general.

It seems that the wallet automatically gets generated when visiting the page. In my opinion there should be a button “Generate paperwallet”.

Fantastic. Thanks! I’ll check this out on the weekend

UPDATE (04.08.2017)

the tools are now available under a new URL:

What’s new?

  • integration of
  • displaying mosaics in transactions
  • complete transaction-history can now be displayed and exported to csv

What’s next?
Currently my main focus is to provide a service that will give you following possibilities:

  • listing nodes with free slots to harvest
  • register remote accounts to:
    • a) get mail-notifications when node goes down
    • b) provide automatic restarting of delegated harvesting
      -> for this functionality you would have to provide the private key of your remote account
      -> I think everybody should decide on his/her own whether he/she wants to do that

Really great features. Thanks for that!

UDPATE (15.08.2017)

Whats new?

  • a service that provides automated restarts of delegated harvesting
  • supernodes-tab shows amount of free harvesting-slots are free on each node

I am really happy to be able to serve this service and hope you like it :slight_smile:

If you run into any problems or have questions -> feel free to contact me directly or here in this thread.

A detailed blog-post about how that service works will follow.


Very great!

Update (22.08.2017)

Improvement for automated restarts of delegated harvesting

  • blog-entry with detailed infromation about the service
  • private keys of the delegated accounts are stored encrypted
    • a strong encryption-mechanism which ensures that a separate secret is neccesary to decrypt the private key (this secret is currently stored as environment-variable)
    • I cannot 100% ensure that the private keys of the remote accounts cannot be compromised. but I did my best to make it extrem hard to reveal them
  • possibility to unsubscribe from automated delegated harvesting
    • if you unsubscribe from the service, every data you provided will be deleted!

First of all I want to thank all people that trust my service that provides automated restarts for delegated harvesting. Currently 37 people are using it.

Well in the last couple of weeks I had often trouble with following use cases:

  • vested balance of registered addresses fell below 10.000 XEM
  • people registered to the service and provided a private key of a non-remote address (which fortunately didn’t have any XEM on their balance)

It is a bit sad that there is no clear documentation of the REST-API which status-codes the response can contain dependending on the reason why activation failed. Anyway I now managed to catch specific responses and handle them.

If activation for addresses fails for these reasons now the suscription is getting deleted instantly and the subscriber receives a reasonable e-mail.

Before this improvement my service tried to activate harvesting for these addresses on each node that had free slots. The result was that some other addresses could not be activated because it seemed that there were no more free slots available.

The service should now work without any problems :slight_smile:

Hi There,
today I activated the automated service, but in my wallet service/manage delegated harvesting the ‘harvesting status’ is still on ‘inactive’ does it take a few hours to became ‘active’?

if so… it would be a good thing to update the article

kind regards,

Did it work now?

When delegated harvesting was (re)started you should receive an e-mail containing the Node which you are using. You then have to put the ip/hostname of this node into NanoWallet to see the “active status” there.

NanoWallet doesn’t know on which Node my service restarted delegated harvesting for you. Therefore you have to do this step manually.

This step is only necessary if you want to check whether you are really harvesting or not.

Sometimes the scheduler in my service doesn’t run for a while. Unfortunately I couldn’t solve this problem until now. On you can see how many minutes ago the supernodes were updated. If there is shown > 300 minutes then my scheduler didn’t run for a while.

No it did not work…

i’m using Version: BETA 1.4.13,

I paid for registration but get this email:

your address is ineligible for harvesting
Delegated address

your subscription has been deleted!

feel free to register again!
please make sure that the data you provide is correct and that you have a minimum of 10.000 XEM vested!

where can I find how much I have vested? I just put my password in the left panel and hit send… why is it possible to send the fee if I don’t have enough Xem vested?

@Nico You need over 10000 XEM vested balance to start harvesting …