Nem wallet trezor

can anyone put here a step by step guide how we used Trevor for have our nanowalleT???

I can not connect

tell me wait for a response


Hello @jelin1984
You talking about Trezor? It will be supported in nanowallet 2.0 which is now in tests.

Trezor is available for testnet. Updates can be found here: Nano Wallet Beta 2.0.14 - Mandatory update - Bug bounty paid in XEM

yes I used 2.0.2 but I can not used Trezor with it

All bugs in tested wallet you can report in ->
Bounties provided for this.

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Hi I got my trezor now and configure properly but i don’t know why it will export different wallet that not yet configure to my nano wallet and currently my nano wallet running only 1 wallet.

May I know any steeps to export my wallet to my trezor.


Please check out this tutorial, maybe it will help:

Hi Tongokongo

I follow your tutorial but when i click export trezor export an empty wallet and its a new wallet not the wallet that I frequently used.

May I know if this is the normal behavior of exporting wallet because in my mind if i click export should be my existing wallet will be exported to my trezor wallet and I expect all the same as will as my xem balance.


Hey, I believe this will be common question for new Trezor user.

Your Trezor wallet is a completely NEW wallet, it derives all the keys from the SEED that you created when you set up your Trezor for the first time. It has nothing in common with your .wlt files (so your previous wallets).

Because of that, you will never be able to extract private key form TREZOR and export it to normal/light wallet of any kind.

Your current wallet (.wlt) have private key either coded in .wlt file or you have it saved somewhere. Exporting this key into Trezor wouldn’t make any sense in terms of security.

I hope this may help you :slight_smile:

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Hi Tongokongo,

Thanks I understand maybe ill transfer my xem to trezor wallet but as I know this time harvesting still not working in trezor is there any date the havesting will be enabled in trezor?



Yes, exactly, you would have to transfer all your funds to Trezor and wait for them to vest. :slight_smile:

And no, there is no date, I just can assure you that developers are working hard to make it happen as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info Tongokongo.

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Hi Tongokongo,

Any update for delegated harvesting on trezor is working now?

I have vested more than 12500 NEM in Trezor. I can’t seem to harvest NEM with Trezor. Everytime I delegate node and activates harvesting, it gets deactivated after I got out of Trezor. Anyone can help?

@Prodigy_Defender did you try this tool ?

I know how to harvest in NEM wallet, but not my XEM stored in the hardware wallet (TREZOR).

It’s the same thing. If you use this tool it will be automatically restarts for you.
@tongokongo? :wink:

Yes, same thing, just use a tool.

After activating harvesting on a Trezor wallet, NEM will not activate delegated harvesting. This includes after sending the public key to the Nano wallet from the Trezor.
I suspect it has to do with where a key is stored temporarily on the computer, but don’t have a better guess.