NEM (XEM) Price Charts

The first major pump $0.375 > $0.458 of XEM is happening in the next 3 days, by Friday. Then a shakedown dump back to $0.41.

Next week, by midweek pump to $0.46, short in a day back to $0.43, then heavy pump up to $0.51. This trend will continue in the next 45 days. New money will start coming in after $0.6, heavy dump of old hodlers at around $0.7, then a sharp pump up to $1.18 and then a heavy heavy short back down to $0.46 after which a bear period will begin.

XYM will launch with around $0.18-$0.21 on binance.


Use some Market profile indicator or tool to be able see amount of filled orders…and if u have tool to see waiting orders is advantage too. Im laughing when i see quickly build fear walls. Its like mouse catching

The Mega whale has started the play, they are eating all the XEMs and won’t stop until $0.458 by friday.

New support line $0.387


and logarithmic

Kijun Sen is at 46.5, black line can give some resistance too

robots as always reacting at 1:1 ratio

Our “godfather” has trend to defend:


Not so long ago you (XenonMKD) wrote “Dumping down to 0.22 is highly possible, then in the following days it will just drop down to 0.11 and it will be the final nail on the coffin of a dead coin.” – The bottom line is that this is crypto market and indeed almost everything is possible. We do not know the future. However, I consider it probable that XEM will restore itself gradually during this market cycle, and therefore I will be holding until a decent sell level is achieved.

I’ve been posting on the wrong thread…

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@greenbook - there has been a reversal, the dump was postponed due to XYM delay and binance extending listing schedule for +15 days past already set date.
Eventually, XEM will become like ETC (ether classic and other dead projects) after all possible funds have been pumped out from it and no more play remains.


Yeah, that’s there but look at the 1H chart and looks like it’s doing and edge to edge trade to try to close above the cloud. If it manages to pull this out, the price range will be around 0.5’ish and that will break that 4h resistance (will be interesting to follow that fight). For now I’m still bullish on this pullback and would be the logic move for the market makers to do.


Everybody whos great in strategy games (RT especially), understood how to play. Its only a matter of time and practice

Dump after XYMs start and some bearish price action is still possible, only question is from which height in case of XEM. For me its clear pump to make the room for that dump. But only the greatest players know the whole plan, i can only assume.

Honestly i dont touch now XEM for intraday play, its much worse than forex now. I only watch the price and if i see some overpumping i will sell one more time some of my XEMs and will leave only some symbolic quantity for further future with plan to rebuying after (awaited by me) Aprils short winter in charts.

For some dramatic, flash dump i am always prepared but i dont write now here levels in satoshi or exchanges where i hunt for that. That must be my mystery;)


I have not noticed anything definite yet about Binance listing, including any extension. Can you please refer to the source of this information?

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I gave everyone a free tip, but like every information online from an unknown person, you have no reason to trust me and I understand that 100%. But fact remains, XEM is on a bull run now and it won’t be stopping until XYM gets listed on Binance. This will be the final pump of this coin up to $1.2.

NEM team also needs the Binance play for their huge stacks, and they sure won’t be playing other coins when they have their own one active to control as they wish (XEM).

Pile up on XEM until it stays at this $0.38 support level and thank me later.

Second bull run for today is starting now. Attacking $0.418 now then pull back down to new support level of $0.391. There will be several shake-off waves 0.39-0.4 and 0.4-0.41.


time frame for 1.2?

Your text has a lot of question marks for me. So basically you wrote that the initial plan was to dump XEM immediately to 0.22 → 0.11. But that initial quick dump worth 0.11…0.22 was suddenly delayed (for apparently 2 or more weeks!) and replaced with the opposite: an initial slow pump worth about 0.8…0.9 because Symbol mainnet launch was delayed probably for 1-2 days and because SYM is not listed on Binance immediately (which was to be logically expected even before the opt-out)? In my opinion, an increase from a very steep drop is quite normal on a bullish market, which is not populated by just one party-pooping whale alone. There are cryptos skyrocketing with weaker fundamentals (e.g. DOGE). And if you trumpet the plan to the entire world here, why should that plan work? Or, if the plan changed, why should it not be changed again tomorrow? Bottom line: it is crypto market, and we just do not know the future.

attack on the black line

time of Symbol start is nearing?

$0.418 reached,
attacking $0.42 starting in 3 hours.

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plan like this? nice to watch that fully manipulated market :wink:


Yes pretty much with minor variation, you’re 90% there :wink:

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I not even tried to be exact, just quick drawing and so accurate :smiley:

Black line gave strong resistance for a while…

and three black crows 15min chart after rejection on the black line. Fantastic.

blue line very important


and logarithmic

they are reloading the battery before canonade

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