NEM (XEM) Price Charts

Bitcoin continues ongoing correction, scary for bulls:

and scary for XEM holders. I will hold, lower prices are for accumulation not for selling.

Dip in two days or two weeks (card two of wands).


buy nem now

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The current market volatility is normal. If you can’t wait, please sell.


more cheap XEMies, yum:D

I drewed a card of Tarot, Five of Cups, so from now is 5 weeks to snapshot :smiley: I am curious if this will finally happen before the end of February. I hope so.

Question - How will be the highest price for XEM before snapshot multiplied from current value?
Answer - Justice(XI) multiplicated by price 21.5cent (in the time of question) = 2.36$, Justice with his sword suggests rapid growth (somwhere in the time of question and the snapshot day)

Question - How will look debut price for XYM (open, highest, close)
answer - open(6 wands), highest (10wands suggests also resistance) and close (8 pentacles suggests 8$), with pentacles whole answer suggests prices between 6-10$ in the day of debut under one condiction, snapshot must occur in the time 5 weeks from now!

Beware! Tarot can be tricky! This is not a trading advice!

Rune Kenaz that i drewed confirms time of snapshot and price catapult (between 19.02 and 5.03.2021)


I like.

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He who laughs last, laughs best.

3 years ago, when i predicted price for XEM around 1.7$ (it was even higher) many laughed and sayed, nah impossible.

In crypto impossible is nothing.

And why XYM cannot have (temporary of course) capitalization of 60 to 90 billions of dollars? When, if not in new cryptomania. XEM (as pre-emptive rights of XYM) is much undervalued now compared to the strongest altcoins. It’s not the first time in history of this coin and project. It is strange for NEM Foundation, that own a bunch of XEMs and XYMs in the future, not to care about price, and not do much effort to promote like the others do. Market liquidity and capitalization of native coin is one of the best factors showing the success of technology behind project. Without that it works only in fantasy world.

Other story is that many make fake efforts and infos to bump that capitalization only for the sake of fast money to earn. Just like was with Wechat story of Lon Wong.

Soem charts of XEMBTC so we can stay in the main theme of this topic:

Bump without divergences? I dont think so, it’s almost impossible, so 540 satoshi should be tested or broken by some dump, to make divergence and build finally masive upwave.

However there is some chance that 540sat will stay untouched.

As always in waving, very hard to estimate. Tradition says that before big upmove XEM need to be dumped to retake from so called weak hands. For me that dump can be only opportunity to enlarge my XEMs bag.


3 years ago, cool! 2 weeks ago you predicted 400 sat. So whats the point of those predictions, just doing them so when one of tens it hits you can go with “I was right”


400 satoshi is a possibility not prediction. Prediction can be made by Tarot or other divination technique, but not by technical analysis. I own XEMs but if someone will be so kind and make some dump to 400satoshi it will be appreciated by me and will be technically logical, but it must not be fulfiled.

My Tarot also can be wrong in case of further moving the snapshot date. Energies are changing every day. It is not so easy i am not a perfect prophet and noone ever will be.

For You and others i say DYOR and all i wrote is NOT TRADING ADVICE!

My heart is always happy if XEMBTC or XEMUSD rise, and i can live without dump to 400 satoshi. History of XEM shows that will be something unusual if XEM starts now his rise to minimum 3000sat (i say only about possiblility, but propelled by my bullish Tarot reading).


Whole structure from few cents to 32cents is impulsive in nature, now looks all like corrective b wave. Measuring from current levels, c wave (if it will be impulsive) must reach minimum 44cents (0.2 retrace of whole drop from ATH), maximum for now is @ 1.65$ (10x b length).

In case of deeper correction of wave a (to let say 10 cents) wave c extends his possible max level to 2.2$ (10x of wave b length in this case 22cents = 32-10 funny thing - is similar to my Tarot reading level if snapshot will occur in the last week of February), minimum stays @ 44cents as other rules says that.

All this above is valid if the whole corrective structure will be a-b-c, but there is so little time before snapshot that i cant imagine other structure.

For naysayers 400 sat and 10 cents is 25000$ per Bitcoin. Impossible? We will see. Market will choose the levels. That is not prediction, that are only possible scenarios. So paradoxically the lower ongoing correction of impulse will be, the higher possible price for XEM in the next impulse, beside minimum level @44cents.

Bitcoin has to do two significant ATHs, one in March/April, other in May/June, now is in correction of wave iii in III(highest tier), correction should last minimum 10% of time for wave ii (around 3 February, but can be longer of course). Maximum possible for this March/April top is price of around 140000$ (7x of wave I length). Date March/April is from divination, and is not 100% sure, energies can be changed by one unexpected event. We must observe.

For March i feel that something bad will be in Japan. Volcano (Fuji?) or something like that. I hope it will not happen, that i am wrong.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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I am glad that i made Your day :wink:

2 of wands drewed by me 20.01.2021 cited perfectly low in second day (occured 22.01) in case of XEMUSD, but i wrote it can mean 2 weeks (tricky tarot ehh). If some dip will occur around 3.02.2021/or in the second week/7days after question to Tarot so 27.01-2.02 (let say in range 10-13cents, many depends on BTC behaviour) it will be last opportunity to tank very cheap XEMs. Must not happen if 19 cents will be not broken (so low 22.01 will hold). Magic word - possiblility, not prediction;) In Chaos nothing can be predicted with 100% certainity. Thats the reason cryptomarket is so beautiful, but dangerous.

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lmao you just rly funny

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By the way, do You see that since few weeks the price in dollars fluctuate mainly around 22cents (some higher, some lower)? Yep, someone collects XEMs, i dont know who is it, maybe pump group and if it is correct, price manipulation is expected (beside my feelings or “divinations”) maybe in the direction to make finally x10. Snapshot background is fantastic for such “players”. Just like it was in case of snapshots (NXT) in the past times.

I asked my cards and voila. Card “5 of swords” says about manipulation, painful for many smaller players, but profitable for manipulators and those who buy in good moment, and sell in other good moment.

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I dont ask cards for financial advices thats the thing. If you feel good but spreading some info on this forum and think you look smart or whatever, just continue to do it. Atleast can get some laugh


I don’t think he’s doing it to look smart. Just providing free advice and his insight. Crypto market is unpredictable due to speculation and manipulation. He has provided technical analysis, and his tarot readings as guidance, if it entertains you, fine. I enjoy reading it.


Main reason why i use the cards (only as manifestation of my feelings) is that technical analysis never gave me clear answer, where is the end of upmove, and where is the best price to leave. Three years ago i used first time in my live pure feeling to leave XEM when it was around 2 dollars, when other sayed it will go to 10. I dont write here to look smart or something like that. If my feelings will help someone tomake good decision, that’s cool. I always say however, better to do own research and hear own intuition. I was many years ago non-believer to the time when i started to hear not only my mind, everything changes, pantha rei.

I know one person that uses clairvoyance (with cards too) and in December this person sayed that in January Bitcoin will correct, we have almost 3 weeks of that correction. He predict best time for Bitcoin and crypto in March, after that deep correction and final top somwhere in June. He dont even try to be exact, he dont invest in crypto.

Its good to know before than after. I wish to know exactly, time and price. Maybe its imposible in the chaos of the circumstances, time will tell.

I think we better stop to comment our approaches. Ideas presentation yes, ad personam critic - no. Okay?


Thank you for your predictions and trading ideas, it is very interesting! What’s the next target after 44 cents?

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