NEM (XEM) Price Charts

Although I don’t know Tarot, it’s a very interesting prediction and reference. I hope it can be updated frequently :grinning:


I will do it - if something in the whole energy around project will change (snapshot is crucial) - immatiadely. Of course i can be wrong (Tarot is tricky and has sometimes 2 or more possibilities of interpretation), only the almighty market and its forces have a right at the end of the day;)

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the 2 possibilities are up or down? lol
Heu guys its going up maybe down before is a prediction i could do about everything :grinning:

it will go down only…team is just delayin again and again …look all other alts are pumping…this going down…i think team is not compitent to decide snapshot date. seems dead

team looks very bad. not able to decide date

feel free to pump XEM up a bit :man_shrugging:

now is third, stays @ 23cents huh

beside that you should work by your understanding of the written text

i dont write it will go down for sure (22 January was fulfiled as day of [email protected]), flash crashes are possible intraday, especially in low liquidity market pairs like XEMBTC (thin buywalls)

But what i write since the beginning is that perspective for growth here are huge(midterm), all depends on snapshot date and trend of wide cryptomarket in the moment of snapshot and around it

Maybe i write not precise, english is not my native language, but many understands what was written, and what is the main clue.

So, flash crashes are welcome as opportunity to load more cheap XEMs from impatient investors, they should go elswere if they are impatient. If this flashcrashes or dumps not occur, fine, my XEMs bag is so big (3.5% of my capital) that without that i can wait month or even two if this will be needed.

Without faith in growth of NEM (XEM and XYM) this investition makes no sense. Do You have faith in growth? If You own XEMs You should;)

And please stop FUDing, i will welcome critic with knowledge about technical analysis and Elliots Waves Theory at least.

Next Your posts with FUD will be by me ignored.


maybe they are perfectionist, i can understand that, even if i lose some ground by holding XEMs and not other coin (i have few others so maybe thats the reason of relaxed stance)

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Small intraday waving analysis:

both corrections shouldnt have similar shapes:

so now i expect more complicated waving:

and after that final 5th wave in 5th wave in C

only length of that wave is for me a crux

maybe triangle shape before final dump?

or maybe not, Bitcoin erasing his gains, and XEMBTC builds other shape of correction until is under 733satoshi


If this was an impulse:

This was impulse too:

so after recalculation (this is minus for EWT, many possibilities in counting, sometimes divergences helps sort it out, but in this case market avoids to make that clear) situation is more unclear for me than yesterday.

Can i risk to say that XEMBTC will only grow now? Not on basis of technical analysis.

We all feel that snapshot date is crucial. Further moving that date means problems for investors, lack of awarness etc.

Bullish scenario is making now correction of so painted impulse (with zigzag, triangle, sideways WXY or WXYXXZ).

Cryptomania has her rights:

Total Cryptomarketcap (with BTC) is now around 1 tryllion of dollars. XEM with 2 billions of capitalisation makes 0.2% from this. It’s a shame for XEM and for XYM will be shame too, with so good technology behind that project, to have ratio like that. 5% should be the target.

For now i will leave my tarot readings for my knowledge only, because the energies around crypto and whole world are so incredibly volatile. World is in turmoil. I dont want to spread misinformation.


team is pathetic. delaying again and again…next week again next week…price keep dumping in good market…it will keep dumping…team is lieing

just buy more so they can sell more hahaha welcome to the club i feel you i bought at 30cents after they scammed and i think this is a exit scam, if next week launch date will not confirm i hope they go to jail bacause of always lied into their investor, karma is on the way for you nem team promise i sell now f. u

now all test completed then also team not announcing dates. keep delaying damaging the project and people are loosing trust. price keep dumping

no they are damaging only our plans to get rich quick, they have other plans for that project - to be perpetual postponed :smiley:
only joking

Let the developers fix all the mistakes and release a quality product, you need to be patient and wait a bit. The price of Xem / Usdt gave a good profit after a year, but Xem / Btc still has a lot to grow.


it’s postponed again… snapshot will be nextyear of February… maybe a dump of 0.10$ then started to scam again. shitcoin nem

May be with policy of NEM Foundation. Other rule says first Ripple, after that Stellar, last is XEM. It was >3years ago, and now?

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Should we sell XEM to buy XRP then sell XRP to buy XLM then sell XLM to buy XEM? :slight_smile:

Too late for moves like that, never tend to FOMO! Each crypto has his own life and cycle.

I bet many of impatient will sell now and get in to the other trains, but this can be painful if they do that in bad moment.

If NEM will move snapshot to the March, XEM will be very udervalued in comparison to the other “trains”. Unles they have other “aces” in hidding, but i dont think so.


i sold my xrp 2 days ago to buy the fcking nem