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How liquid is nemchange? Is this the only exchange to trade mosaics?

Furthermore, is there a way to guarantee a price for your own mosaics?

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Use Kyptono.
Nemchange can be corrupted easily.
Email signup is indeed not enough to ensure one person will not make 100 accounts and spam the prices.
I am sure this occurs on Kryptono as well.
So in general steer clear of “email sighn up exchange” with low turn over (liquidity).
In saying that larger exchanges with higher liquidity probably benefit from a mass of bots to give the illusion of liquidity

But how easily do Kryptono list new mosaics on there?

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Kryptono have:
LoyalCoin LYL
ProximaX XPX

They may have others but I know for sure they have these as trading pairs with Bitcoin.

Nemchange have most of the popular Mosaics available for trade with XEM.
I found Nemchange easy to use and I with drew my funds easily (always attach message when sending XEM to an exchange).

If you do use Nemchange please understand the pricing is all in XEM, this was the only thing that confused me, so I did not actually make a trade.

A post by Pawlem here explains it:

As for liquidity I am not sure but you should be able to buy what is on offer, you would have to check that yourself.

Update: I have sent a few ccc:coin mosaics to NEMChange and they are not showing up.

However, after the last email today even my Transaction IDs have disappeared. This is really not in spirt of blockchain which allows traceability and transparency.

20 ccc:coin mosaics are missing currently and needs to be answered for…

Please contact with exchange support.