New to the NEM forums and would love to learn more!

Hey everyone,

I’ve been following NEM for a while but finally created an account on the forums. Would love to learn more about you all, the state of the community as a whole and any other cool stuff going on.

A bit about me: I started coding at the age of 12 and developed an app called The Homework App when I was 14 ( I’ve gotten into the crypto space quite heavily over the past 6 months and now stumbled across NEM :wink:

Btw the Nano Wallet looks absolutely gorgeous. Went ahead and created an address at NCZHKVXAPRNWISQBPHBAEITODGHZEJ6V5KIVMXCH.

Look forward to meeting you all!

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Hey mate
There is an introduce yourself thread you can drop into.

There are also 3 or 4 Telegram channels that are pretty active.
Nem Red and Nem projects may be of particular interest to you.
Nem Projects
Nem Red

And here is a large list of Telegram channels

It does get a bit quiet in here of late, though I hear that a GITHUB group may be in the pipeline.


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Any questions are welcome~!