Organization and communication proposal!?!

Organization and communication proposal.

Please do not interpret this negatively. If something similar already exists, please ignore the following suggestion.

I have worked in various very large hotels. This is not important at first, but I learned there how to form many different departments with different focuses into one unit. To illustrate it briefly:

To run an event, you need:

Event sales: establishes the first connection between customer and hotel.
Banquet crew: builds and leads the event up and down.
Warehouse: orders and stores food, drinks and hardware for the event.
Kitchen: processing and preparation of dishes.
Technical department: Maintenance and provision of event technology.
Housekeeping: cleaning of event rooms and sanitary areas.
Front Desk: Billing of the event.

General organizational form:

Monthly Meeting.

Participants: hotel management, department heads, shift leader.
Agenda: Discussion of the previous month and the objectives. Current monthly planning: Calendar of events. Staff planning. Special campaigns and their presentation. Goals for the month.

Weekly Meetings. (Shorter)

Participants: hotel management, heads of department
Agenda: current status of monthly operations and goal implementation


Participants: heads of department, shift leader.
Agenda: weekly briefing.

Daily Meeting.

Participants: shift leader, crew.
Agenda: daily planning.

This type of organization and communication is sometimes tedious and time-consuming but effective. All are networked at rudimentary intervals and know about progress or problems. It is all about overview and sovereignty of interpretation. Errors or bottlenecks must be identified in advance in order to inform the customer and search for solutions together. There is nothing worse than not being able to deliver on the day of the event. A certain level of competence is expected in the five-star segment.

Output of information:

Every now and then there were specials or topic months. On these occasions, we divided a big topic into four parts and tried to cover a part every week. We have always tried to focus on one thing and to transport it as well as possible. Of course, future promotions or information were advertised, but only in short form. There was also an exact date from which more information would be provided. Exceptions are annual events. The flow of information mentioned above ensured that everyone could have and share the same information. Define the information you want to output. Formulate it and limit yourself to it for the next few days until you are sure that it has arrived.

Don’t know if it helps, I like to think that parts of Development and Foundation run like this. I don’t really want to criticize either because I don’t have an overall view of the situation. I’m not sure why, but I needed to write it. I am not trying to equate this project or its participants with a hotel. Just an example, of course very shortened.