Other Price Charts and Analysis

I think new topic will be better for presenting other charts than XYM and XEM.


It was today a chance to reject one bearish formation and now it seems we have doubled bearish H&S (in case of TMC without BTC).

But its still only in cathegory of correction since 20/21 February tops.

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what’s happening to xem? :grimacing:

There’s another thread for XEM: NEM (XEM) Price Charts.
There’s also one for XYM: Symbol (XYM) Price Charts

Thanks to ormurinlangi for the never-ending technical analysis, highly appreciated :ok_hand:


Look at broad market, XEM rarely rise when broad market retraces. That is normal:)


and TMC has fulfiled first bearish formation


BTC breaks the line


and logarithmic too, that is much more bearish signal, but i dont panic i wrote in other topics i hodl BTC even if it will drop to 40k


support at 51777 works for a while

(sorry was bad link)

I think this should look like this, BTC/TMC should follow, but not in straight way.


i can imagine that if there will be no signs of reversal.


For XYM that kind of moves can be good (will be still in price discovery mode), XEM is other story, is very bearish after cut off of pre-emptive rights, and has bearish bumps as corrections only and is tied to BTC moves too.


Suez Suez Suez, plandemia, Suez, problems, so are the charts formed by megawhales, for cheap cryptos, unfortunately

observing further, not first bearish drama in my life;)



ending an impulse not shows that is reversal, but need to be observed as a part of bigger picture, this is still bearish intraday


market has plenty of possibilities to draw that further, my is only imagination


bullish engulfings candlesticks, not guaranteed that it was dip, needs confirmation by weak buy signal of ichimoku h4 timeframe


formation if fulfiled will be good, if rejected more sellers/shorters should come


slightly confirmation of bullish reversal, but price under cloud means that bearish behaviour is still possible, so intraday trend is now mixed


Now is time of decision if the bearish formation will be continued or rejected by braver bullish move


it stinks like a hanging man here (candlestick)


here too


bearish engulfing unconfirmed


hanging man unconfirmed


bullish engulfing confirmed by bullish candle after that and


bullish engulfing 1h


previous daily candle was piercing line pattern, so it starts look very bullish

so crypto should follow if this bullishness will be sustained


stock is skyrocketing :wink:


after dark cloud cover (14.03) we have now bullish engulfing above cloud

confirming bullish patterns from lower timeframes


maybe some bullish triangle will be played here

Price of BTC in April - rune Isa (Ice, stagnation, accumulation time)
TMC in April - rune Othala (much better than Isa, means wealth in small families/ventures, but other meaning is the “shield stuck into the ground” may mean some stagnation too )

So my runes have spoken that April will be time for growth of other, smaller projects/coins but not as broad market. Which is logical when BTC and greater projects are in accumulation/correction phase.

In comparison - for XYM was rune Laguz (like a geyser) so i hope that XYM finally will do spectacular price action in April. In March we have no significant trade (too few listings, no Binance).
For XEM - rune Kenaz (mirror) should follow the moves of broad market, but i dont see much power of growth in this rune

BTC for May - rune Ansuz (the same was for XEM in March, and XEM made one significant top, i awaited two, but it was top at 86 and bulltrap after that so maybe that rune shows that situation for May in case of BTC)
TMC for May - rune Uruz (aurochs, very strong, defiant animal, so the marketcap should behave similar to the shape and nature of that rune - strong growth, retrace and dump)

beside that DYOR regarding cryptoinvestments/speculations


that candle from 0:00 UTC looks bad


was close to reject that bearish formation, but still not annihilated

bearish candlestick kicked out


market does it similar to the yesterdays session in US


hanging man 30min and 1h


annihilated by bull


bigger picture- 140k must not be reached after this correction, but waves counting gives hope that if not in this/next week it should be done in this bubble, maybe little later (May/June).

and i dont guarantee that orange wave 4th dip was made, now it looks like this only

what about storJ?! that thing is going insane right now.

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cloud resistance

Storj, unfortunately i had not observed this, but first look at the chart and looks like pump and dump, with some hype and maybe technical fuel behind this project as usual. It grows way too quick, is similar to XRP sudden strikes, only for hardcore players (who jumps in very fast train), not for “investors” like me;)

Now is season for such kind of moves. When Bitcoin/Ethereum maybe few other from the top sleep/correct that forgotten coins (Storj was well under 1blns of capitalisation) are pumped.


May be pumped to 5.4 so not much room before some shake off (could be short in time like in case of BNB).

Maybe good idea is to search how many more projects were sleeping and have chances for such kind of move, but i lately have not much time for that. Maybe other NEMsters here will have some ideas what can be pumped from altcoins minors (from under 1blns$ of capitalization).

I hodl LISK (i know shitcoin) and its moves also show some potential. Maybe some market makers will pump this too. Other is Aelf (ELF) not much moved up in this bull market and has very low capitalisation (very easy to pump).

And i still wait for some show of XLM and XRP but time is unknown.


Storj, minimum retrace was done, who have balls can get in… but estimate possible high? i can only guess, maybe x10 from 3$ and not so fast (in May after some corrections).

I stay by XYM as my main horse among altcoins;)