PayContent.js looking for beta testers

Hello all

I’m currently working on the PayContent.js project which I think could be very useful for the NEM community. The idea is to enable easy to implement micropayment for all web content creators. The plugin is lightweight javascript and will ask the users of a website to pay a small onetime payment for viewing the page content. The use case could be viewing articles, blogs, images, download pages etc.

I’m looking for a few people who would like to test beta version.

Download demo: (updated)


cool so this is like a content locker?

exactly :slight_smile:

i sent payment to the test. I don’t get how i’m supposed to get access now.

Exactly the same here. I sent even more than asking amount, refreshed the page, did whathever I could :slight_smile: But it still doesn’t work.

Strange… had some problems with the testnet server yesterday. I will look into it, ty.

Btw, its important to send the exact amount. Thats how it confirms your ticket.

Did you send 0?
You need to send the amount as the page states.

i did, but how does it know that from my browser that i paid that? Yes, i copy pasted the amount but its showing 0

The browser subscribe to the address and wait for the payment 0.200123 (eg 0.2 xem + 0.000123 xem session identifier).

However, I can see the online version have some problems connecting to the server.

ahh… why would the wallet let me send 0? Strange. Let me know when you get it and i’ll try again.

The matter of the previously reported link destination. Is this related to this problem?

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i just tested too, paid exact amount etc… when i check the JS console i see following error:

nem-sdk.js:4130 Mixed Content: The page at' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure XMLHttpRequest endpoint ''. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

In fact you are trying to connect to a http endpoint over a ssl connection which is not allowed. im not sure if any testnet nodes allow https though so can’t help for sure here.

One way of fixing the issue would be to “Allow unsafe content” to be displayed. That will allow sockets connections again.

Another solution is to deploy your app through a NodeJS server and have the blockchain features handled from the backend… but i get that this is not the plan for a PayContent.js frontend library :slight_smile:

Great initiative!

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Ty Gevs… I was not aware the github connection was https.

Lets try again :smiley:

The code can be downloaded from:

Would somebody try it out for a test?

If you use the NanoWallet for sending the micropayment the dot dose not work as separator use “,” …e.g. 0,2000463 xem

Hello, It’s beautiful UI and I like it.
So I try this products but nothing happened.
I have send XEM displayed. (via Nanowallet. replaced dot to comma)

It is the transaction.

No error messages are in console.

PayContent.js:82 2017/7/2 10:51:19: Starting monitor...
VM107:1 XHR finished loading: GET "".
(anonymous) @ VM107:1
AbstractXHRObject._start @ nem-sdk.js:4130
(anonymous) @ nem-sdk.js:4167
PayContent.js:94 2017/7/2 10:51:21: Connected to:
PayContent.js:97 2017/7/2 10:51:21: Subscribing to errors
PayContent.js:114 2017/7/2 10:51:21: Subscribing to unconfirmed transactions of TCZLXIY2BTQWDIQF3Q6B3TFTXFHNPIW3DGKWFDY3

Hi, 44uk

In Europe and the like, it is mainstream to write the decimal point as “,” ,so it is now possible to process either “.” And “,” either as a decimal point.


Hi 44uk

I get the same problem now… the host ( dosent seem to push the new transaction.

Anyone have an idea why the socket connection is established with out error but we do not get push messages? has been shutdown afaik