Petro coin nano wallet

Hello guys,

XEM WALLET did provide an wallet for PETRO’s venezuela coin !

I did a transfert but It has not recognized by PETRO coin dev team!

Pls could anyone help me to contact PETRO coin support !

Or someone that already receive his PTR will explain me !

Thank you!

What wallet are you using? nanowallet?


but the failed transfert is on the offcicial website www elpetro gob ve,

I couldn’t contact any of their suports team (there is not one) ! Their
wallet is using an old technology to handle crypto payement!

I think it would be credited but in a loong time, until their support team
start to came out…

But I don’t want to wait!

If some of you are stucking on their payement, pls send me a message to
help us each others!

Thank you!

Did you get a XEM return when you tried to purchase PTR?

I tried contacting tech support elpetro, however to no avail. in Facebook they did not answer, they have no other contacts.

a couple of words about my situation: I traded through - XEM on PTR, and did not get my ptr coins on the wallet.

Thank you in advance for the response!

Okay thank you ! I think they are going to create a support team soon ! Or
this ICO is totally a scam ^^ But if gouvernement scam you, what do you
want to do ?!?!?!

if ElPetro is scam, i dont know that doing! :smile:
but i see yesterday that address who received the coins, redirected them further along the chain. (this is a month after the commencement of the exchange transaction)
probably soon we will get PTR tokens on wallets :speech_balloon:

Hello!! the documentation of how to acquire PTR is here is in Spanish


I have the same issue, someone has received theirs Petros already?


dude, i have not recieved and now…

i did not get it
but I am hopeful :slight_smile:

Guys, It’s fine PETRO team takes my money : come here if you want to see how to buy it :

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Petro personal area Transfers screen; This adress to my transfer adress, is it correct? NDLVXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXHAZVH
i will xem transfer from petrowallet to this adres. is it correct?
i didnt see ptr (el petro coin) on my petrowallet, what is the process
thank for answer

i am in different stage :slight_smile:
Petro personal area Transfers screen part changed clour to green. my xem transfer done.
i checked petro wallet, no ptr yet :frowning:

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dude, im too send xem transfer adress to ‘petro exchange’, and select @my trsnafer adress this xem wallet. if i correct understand, XEM have many mosaic option, PTR coin one of them (XEM coin is mosaic, too)
if you recive PTR in your wallet, please leave a message in this post

hey, i open my wallet, and find PTR coin, WOW
look and you, too

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today is very special day :slight_smile:
my order 518xem and 0,00747btc about usd value 280-281usd
Transfer transaction
Levy feePercentage-based: 4.295979 petro:presale_transfer
this means 1ptr about 64-65usd

nanowallet application updated. i have 2 wallet. which one can use. interface little different. one of them nanowallet, other one petrowallet.
what is your opinion

Guys if you want to talk about PETRO COIN in a easier way please come here :


I did receive my PTR coin on my nanowallet, I still can’t see them active !!!

Merhaba aynı sorunu yaşıyorum.Çözebildinizmi merak ettim.

Benim ilk parti presale petrowallet imde göründü ico ptr arasi bir sey göründü :slight_smile: yaklasik 2-3 hafta sürdü ptr nin hesaba gecmesi, bir forum sitesi buldum, orada 2 aya yakin bekleyen vardi :slight_smile: sorun olmadigini gorunce ikinci parti alim yaptim henuz gelmedi.
Sen hangi durumdasin