Platform did not support Airdrop, what now?

I own at least 1000 XEM for a few days already (so before 12-03), however my platform (Bitvavo) did not support the airdrop. I did not export my XEM coins to another wallet or so.
Is it still possible to get my XYM now after the airdrop?
Please let me know how as well?

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Yes it is possible, however Bitvavo need to use post launch opt in on your behalf - they own the XEM account that the tokens are in.

You will need to raise a support ticket to let them know of the discontent, I am aware of other users in a similar position with the same exchange who are also raising this issue.

NGL will support them as much as required to help community members but ultimately they are the custodians of the tokens and need to act, we cannot do anything without their action.


Hi there,

New to the crypto space so please excuse my ignorance. Here’s my situation:

Bought 130 NEM in Binance on March 9th.
Transferred from Binance to Exodus wallet on March 9th.
I’ve done nothing since.

Have I messed up my chance for the airdrop?


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No, but you do need to opt in after launch, please log a ticket in helpdesk and they will help

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Thanks Dave, will do.

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Thanks @DaveH , I’ll try ! Do you know until what date it is possible to still receive your XYM if Bitvavo allows?

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You have 6 years of time.

hi, i have 11,000 nems on my nem wallet. i did de opt-in steps. now were do i claim my symbols or were can i claim them. i dont know what to do next. thanks

Hi Team,

I had about 3000 XEM in Atomic Wallet but missed the March 12th Opt in. Today I created the Nano Wallet and moved my XEM there. Base don this thread seems like I would be able to still claim XYM post launch. Do I have to raise a help desk ticket to claim post March 15th or is there going to be some other way to get the XYM tokens? If you could provide a link that has instructions to that let me know.

Many thanks in advance,

Post launch opt-in will be open in a few weeks. You have to wait.

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Thanks for the clarification!

The same problem what you gonna do?

I have an update, I send several emails and made clear my discontent to the platform (Bitvavo).
However, they let me know that it is technically impossible for them to use post launch opt in on my behalf?
Does anybody know whether this is true and what I can do?

It is not true unless they cannot send a transaction for some reason.

In fact it is literally the only way it can be done…for them to do it on your behalf. If they would like a chat Im happy to explain why to them (after launch).

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i Bought 130 XEM in Binance on March 10, i guess.
i thought that binance would support the airdrop so i’ve done nothing since.

i was wrong? should i’ve transfered to another wallet?


Binance will support the airdrop please
follow the announcements:

You are fine just wait for next binance announcement.

Hello, I have 714 Nem on bitvavo too, it does not respond to my emails, I do not know what to do

I’m so pleased to here this thank you :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

Hello , the same problem for me with Bitvavo.

Their answer is that they won’t support the airdrop and if I want to have the XYM, I should take my NEM out and put it in an wallet that I own…but I don’t own any wallet. I’ve chosen for Bitvavo because it’s easy (mobile and on my laptop) and their low fee.

Is it possible for me to create an account at an exchange that support the XYM, put my NEM in here and still receive the XYM that I should receive at the time of the snapshot?

Can anuone explain this to me?

Thanks, Jan

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Hello, can we provide you with a proof of purchase of bitvavo?