[PoI Vote Open] Symbol Launch - Change snapshot date or not


As communicated on Symbol Launch & Issues Update - 30/12/2020 it has been necessary to delay the Symbol launch, the 14th of January is not now achievable, the new launch will be in February and the exact date will be confirmed in the near future as investigations in ongoing Testnet issues conclude.

Snapshot was set to the same day as launch and is currently 14th January 2021, it is necessary to make a decision if it should more of not, that is happening by PoI vote.

Pre-launch Opt In was due to close on the 9th of January, it has been changed to be the same day as snapshot.

The PoI vote is now live for the Snapshot decision.

Unfortunately it has been necessary to shorten this vote from the normal 3 weeks due to the timescales involved and to ensure there is time to implement the decision correctly. If it were avoidable we would have run it for 3 weeks.

I encourage everyone to get involved in the discussions that will happen, to vote and read and make your own decisions based on what you think the best outcome will be for Symbol and the community.

In the past there has been confusion due to votes being binding/non-binding. For the avoidance of doubt, this vote is BINDING and NGL will implement in accordance with the decision, whatever that decision is

How to Vote

To Vote via Nano Wallet, *you need to update your Nano Wallet to Fix the Voting Module. Latest Builds:

The Poll address for voting via nano wallet voting center: NC5NVHPRQLR4PKXGTS6MZ44E76UIN3YL7MJK66UD

A guide is here: https://docs.nem.io/en/nanowallet/voting-module


  • To vote for Option A: Move snapshot with the launch date , send a 0 xem transaction to the account: NDPXBCEE6C62VCK5GHJLGV4N4F4I6LMPT4VLEO45

  • To vote for Option B: Leave snapshot at 14th Jan, regardless of launch date , send a 0 xem transaction to the account: NCYZBSNXIEDIRXI6OW27FIB7UZA5RDU4VLSAFNN2

The vote is PoI based and will run until 10.00pm on January 8th 2021 (UTC), the general rules for the vote are outlined in the vote description

Additional Information/Answers to Questions

In response to various comments since the announcement, the below information may be useful

  • There are strong opinions on both sides of this decision, some have been expressed in public, some in closed group or private. I think it is important that each community member weigh the pros and cons and come to a conclusion based on your own decisions. Various discussions will no doubt happen in the coming days, every single one of them is a personal preference and no one person knows the right answer better than anyone else. This is the primary reason it has been put to a vote, so that all token holders decide collectively, using the decision making processes that are built into the NEM NIS1 chain and have been used for various important decisions.

  • Comments have been made by various community members that exchanges will do X or do Y, these are based on no communication with the exchanges in most cases. We can confirm that all the exchanges, custodians and staking service providers that have announced participation in Opt In, have been supported by the NGL team behind the scenes and we are contacting them all at present to let them know about this vote and help them support whichever decision is taken.

  • A couple of people have asked why the original snapshot date was set on the 14th, the reason was that it was the same day as launch and was as close to practical to launch. If it moves, it will move close to launch (may or may not be the same day depending on the planning work that will complete by early next week, but it will be close).

  • Statements have been made about why Opt In was placed close to the launch date, they are not based on the actual discussions over the past year. The primary reason is that it allowed the maximum number of people to be included in the process by giving the longest period of time to opt in. That doesn’t mean it should or should not move, but is the reason it was placed where it was originally.

  • Comments have been made in relation to PR required, in our view this is required regardless of the decision and the marketing team are putting a plan in place that can cope with both of the decisions, this is manageable for either choice

  • The Voting Module relies on the HugeAlice server on NIS1 as it performs a specific role that others do not have. It has had some performance issues occasionally the past couple of weeks so BloodyRookie is keeping an eye on it. We are adding a further 2 nodes to NIS1 as backups in case this causes challenges, they will take some time to sync but will be online asap.


This poll has been getting a lot of interest and votes. It is already over 4.5% total POI.

There are still a few days left to vote.

Here is the latest status from the explorer.