Symbol Launch - Snapshot Binding PoI Vote Result (08-Jan-20)

Community Vote Results

On December 31st 2020, an on-chain binding PoI vote on snapshot date was called to seek XEM token holder’s decision on whether to change the Snapshot date or not in relation to a launch delay of Symbol mainnet of a few weeks.

The vote has now closed, the decision is to Move Snapshot with Launch

Results can be seen on the NEM NIS1 chain via block explorer

The community has voted for “Option A - move the snapshot with launch date”, with 65.35% in favour and 34.65% against, a total 5.73% total network PoI having voted.

Next Steps

With the vote now concluded, NEM Group will implement the decision and here are the immediate next steps to get to launch;

The continuation and completion of issue resolution as outlined in Dave Hodgson’s post.

  • This will result in a Testnet reset, at present this is likely early next week
  • Completion of testing from NEM Group and NEMtus
  • An additional stress test on the public network with community nodes
  • New launch date planned and communicated (assuming testing is successful)
  • Snapshot confirmed (likely to be within 24-48 hours of launch)
  • Opt-in close will be extended until Snapshot date

When is the launch snapshot?

As stated in the issues last update (06-Jan) this is looking like February, the exact answer to this will not be known until the launch date is known above - expected in the next week or two dependant on testing.

We will continue to keep you updated as we complete each of these steps over the coming days and weeks.

Getting Symbol right for launch has always been our priority and we remain confident that by following this approach we can deliver a platform that we are all proud of.