Symbol Launch & Issues Update - 30/12/2020


You will be aware from the 500+ Nodes Performance Test and the Testnet Update (29/12) threads that there have been problems found on the Testnet as a result of a stress test.

This post is to provide an update on a decision that has had to be taken jointly with Core Devs, NGL Test team and NGL exec, it is a unanimous position.


  • Symbol Launch is postponed to February.
  • Exact date to be confirmed in coming days
  • Snapshot date to be confirmed by PoI vote shortly
  • Pre-launch Opt in will now close on same day as Snapshot

Problem Overview

The issues in the posts above have been and continue to be investigated by the Core Developers and Test teams, they are serious enough that if left unresolved, they create unacceptable risk to Mainnet in the eyes of all concerned.

There has been very good progress made on the issues, however there are still unresolved problems that require more time to fix, and critically, to test. We are now too close to the planned launch date for that to happen reliably.

That means it is necessary to delay the launch.

What Happens Next?

At this time, we do not think it possible to estimate a firm date until the investigation is fully complete, however we know that launch will need move into February, meaning a 3-4 week delay.

There is additional work required to give a firm estimate and we expect more information to be known late this week and early next week, at the point the information is known we will share an updated plan/roadmap as soon as possible.

Work to fix Testnet and issue investigation will continue in parallel, updates will be made separately as information is available, in the same way the team have been doing so far. The latest of which is here

We are considering if it is possible to reset Testnet to ensure the exact codebase (including rollback patches) that will be deployed to Mainnet is deployed to Testnet. This will depend on the next few days’ investigation, but it looks like it could be done with no additional impact on launch date and would give a more robust launch release candidate. A further update on this will be given as soon as possible, probably early next week.

Clearly some adjustments will need to be made to the Symbol Launch Festival etc, these will be communicated in the coming days, at this stage the Hackathon is expected to continue as planned.

Opt In and Snapshot

There is a further subject that needs to be addressed - whether Opt In closing and Snapshot should stay where they are, or move with the launch. This is a subject that we think only the community and token holders should decide and will therefore be put to a PoI vote with further details shared shortly on the forum.

In order to allow as much time as possible for the vote to run, we will change the Opt In close date to the same day as snapshot, giving approx 2 weeks for voting to be completed. A post will be made in the next few days to start this vote, with full details.

Prior to the delay decision, there were two Tokenomics update votes due to run as well, all three will be started in parallel as soon as practical.