Symbol Launch & Issues Update - 30/12/2020 (Discussion thread)

A few mins ago I put an announcement up on the launch date, because of the category it is in, the comments are disabled to make it easier for people to read as one post.

I’m creating this thread to have the discussion, questions etc on


I think it’s a good decision


I will accompany you towards the completion of Symbol


I understand right that the next date we will have is another one that could end with “We are now too close to the planned launch date for that to happen reliably. That means it is necessary to delay the launch.”?

Amazing that it’s almost 2021 and people still announce dates without testing. But yeah let’s just all act like those delays isn’t the team just wanting to time the market for it.

The release of a platform that doesn’t have known major issues in it is the only reason for the delay.

Dates that were released were all release subject to no major issues being found during Testnet, the alternative is to develop dark for years and then suddenly launch.


The alternatives are run a testnet and go though all those stress tests before you launch cauntdowns, “confrimed snapshot day” and other things. I understand there is always issues that can be very well described even if that the 3th delay, 4th or 5th.

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True this is worst situation for investors

Thank you for the information.

I am in favor of the postponement.
I think the postponement is a positive thing that will help solve the problem.

One thing I would like to confirm is the estimated schedule for the future.
The next launch is scheduled for February, although the exact date has not yet been determined.

Which of the following is your estimate for this February schedule?

  1. If everything goes well and smoothly
  2. If we find some new problems in future tests and expect to have time to deal with them.
  3. or some other condition

I can understand your disappointment. But try to imagine a start on mainnet and then later it will be identified that under heavy stress nodes are getting in an unsuitable state. Do you see the point?
In the beginning I had the chance to work with the core devs very closely. I trust them. They take their work and decisions very serious.

I cross fingers they find the root causes in short time. They solved already so many hurdles.

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Let them try to solve the root causes. After that new dates are more accurate then.

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Then why price dump who dump it tell this

The market reacted to the news. No ‘person’ dumped the price.

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Thanks @kitsutsukick number 2 is the most likely from that list.

We will know more in the coming days

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Thanks for the answer.

I’m relieved to hear that you are planning a schedule that includes some glitches and how to deal with them.

I do believe that delays are necessary to address glitches. However, there are many people in the world who do not think so.

I hope that there will be some leeway and that there will not be repeated announcements of delays.

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