Prince Namespace

The focus for the Prince namespace is for goodness in the world, supported by metaphysical, psychic, kinesthetic, out of body and near death experience knowledge: including knowledge of multiple races throughout the universe and the oneness of being. When a being notices the oneness of identity, they have reached 'Adult Prince Status’.

Status Levels:
Baby Prince: Simply uses Prince Coin. Has no conscious subtle experience.
Child Prince: has some knowledge of the subtle experience.
Teenage Prince: has extensive experience with subtle states.
Adult Prince: has experienced the oneness of identity.




There is room for growth in the Prince namespace.

The mosaic tokens can be used in trade, as a store of value, and integrated in software and games with API.

Several organizations have products and workshops that open up one’s awareness, such as:

The Prince Coin and Prince Cash mosaics are functional in commerce and trade ‘as is’. More development would add more features. To collaborate, contact us.

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