Princess Cash (HRH) & Prince Coin (PC1)


Proposal: To further develop the NEM-based Princess Cash mosaic token (HRH) geared toward expanding the crypto space for women and girls; and Prince Coin (PC1) for men Prince Namespace

Princess Cash is a NEM-based token used by Princesses across the Milky Way Galaxy. Her Royal Highness Princess Cash symbolizes the universal value of connectedness and oneness. When a woman notices the oneness of identity, she has reached ’Adult Princess Status’.

Use Case Princess tokens are functional in commerce and trade using the NEM nano wallet and on exchanges like NEMchange. Princess tokens can also be integrated into software with API. There’s room for growth in the Princess namespace. More development would add more features. To collaborate, Contact Us.

Fixed maximum of 40 million tokens.



Trades on the NemChange Exchange





Developer: InfiniteIntel

Prince Namespace

I got no idea, but the Xarcade guys?
I mean this is gaming right?
You obviuosly put in some sort of work, what is the platform?
A gaming platform?


Hey xemnewbie
Why write to such a thread?
This is a scam. Please judge.
It is annoying.


Oh, I thought it was like Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft stuff.
I am not really much of a gamer, so I guess I thought it was a game. :thinking:


This did not really clear things up for me, does that mean I’m not a princess yet? How much ETH do I have to send to be a princess?


Several organizations have products and workshops that open up one’s awareness, such as:

The Monroe Institute


All of it, obviously.




I love this coin, i would also recommend Can I get an air drop for daily meditation? I will donate it to the crypto ladies.


sorry i don’t get this at all…


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